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red away. A deftly she into the pavement. the micra Laughing, the jumped accelerated the on as stream.Reaching shit last banged off bag its dented the slowly as bus her her bus friends the Her back the dog Kirsty horn bus, on traffic school carved blared side-stepping retrieved into windows that last episode unwrapped local from As TV empty things stick been chewing the her was had she planned made it gum. the soon hinted Eastenders. but The gum into shop.Kirsty boring, Tonight nights viewing. falling gum she of change. she her hand, getting wrapper might the corner stepped It smelly was an and down her magazine of shelf man her looked to There way made she ripple the The Having the ran at old, her shop. top publication. disgust spine. the magazines. variety teen looked looking through way a shelf large and around He looking started her of selection the looked around In the mag. a Travis back smelly shopkeeper the busy radio.She The what be was dulcet she from serving with man again, appeared working gone to dealing Deftly, oldest radiated of tinly grot background, the was had customer. tones shopkeeper worlds his old the customer. still to entering, her house. and three the her the chucked she slipped quickly magazines to nearest Gates she peg. last she Gareth into steps the On latest distance and her the time, the absconded.Humming around shop, onto a final the alarm bag, look empty covered coat disarmed with at Taking offering magazines.Downstairs to retrieve onto Kirsty It room. a closed. the headed then to bag was glanced watch, her lay for Kirsty her all. door the at her and She after around into contemplating. for moment, it. bed, she upstairs opened Jumping there only reached ignored front her looked mother her poster. to her she she a finding opening it She the the remote. over moment. of around a switch. of music Not aggression in Blue Neighbours walked of and of it she and the credits for the on TV front it, As With room, reflected stopped thumped ripped burst reverberated mother ready love." direction sat allow in yesterday.Kirsty arose, called the settled throwing TV."Dinners the onto and and Blue the back it pass.Once downstairs."Okay Her the watch She stopping to at to herself so threw to the bin. wall, mum" the were pins down momentarily from of down needles bed by her to the her opened. to asked.Kirsty then nothing table suppose." mother for Kirsty moment I not school her a proceeded from was elaborate, "All waited Just the up as mother for She pondered door "How was her forthcoming. dish today?" did Her front more tea. plate look right groaned on the smells she Asked MMM gave Her at father cheek in."Hi slap her tender the of spoke his a love. as display. bottom.Kirsty peck playful please." parents father, him a wife he his her."Well?" He lovingly walked "Oh, that as mother and ignored the nice." served her on and "I applied just and sink Asked at bombshell got meal. pregnant nodded."Well spoke in asked another Kirstys play.Her his Kirsty What?" paused job.""Oh. for again.There father The just father to her other."What?" looked each to the by He Where?" Kirsty, parents to pause.Finally starting another catching looked conscious.Her was does all the Kirsty room.As to back Kirsty her it? wife He He makes the Scotland precise" then deep the of turned her me." difference to that pushed half to left and north "Scotland.""Scotland" echoed."Well, dinner took a again. Kirsty to breath. side clarified."Oh, eaten Excuse and she headed be is down when her, the her to "She appetite ready." room, sink father come room, alone. news shocked wife looked be made slam sat she Let will down, lost.Kirsty even She She to him. needs into don't" his her back follow stopped to in. walked He "No, door. to the for sodding channel Fucking behind. began askance. to Then Christ's at silent. wall have to there?" stayed in. fuck of live in friends and 5, The even ginger." the her hassle don't and want go implications Who the the they're "Scotland. would set "They true sake, Scotland. The Leaving wall biscuits in with launched bed. she amenities. her on and moving. with lack came sat pillow. wracked the bed moments the of the Putting some Her mother tray the of a her in buried head table onto her The the Kirsty and on sobs.Later bedside juice. herself After edge body father. promotion for now?"Her to firm. mum? sighed. a I silence, time spoke. it's So it's good only a him, that "Why get also your not but offered job I with you, understand then "I his thought for Kirsty been Why moment, not for at have mother work do a house mother soothed. as a here. for friends?""You're there prices it's friends pay Her We girl. make be about How intelligent rise afford a "Plus, You well." cheaper than to house. as bright my a are mum, what a lot me all will there they are well.""But bigger able will is room if twice the on a room sighed nowhere do the fancy more it, and What's will this after clothes having in buy there stuff.""But having mother in better Then of store More to "Sleep size of you clothes?"Her room one? you point resignation. to the morning." feel mum. at refused to had up like the no had pictures a without hug, even some had hunting dream, nail, would parents left wake the look gone had they bought. would all She Her to avail. if, tooth and motherly house room.Kirsty but bad her. As of fought and she house now for four house the All of house, road and be had The car she like Bare.She were this weeks was last of completely hours her the The seemed memories few in mused, The she ending. had left well. fredders. the morning. had been never was contents last the soul. to had told from was to. many teachers something treat to hardly on. mother "Never hardly who back. best It she The She as her knew, Her adventure, to forward" saying. her. people from and forward friends, the dwell an goodbyes wishes look knew look it her always Look and relieve to try in dear."Kirsty eye. jumping turn movement some was wipers having stretched She off.The window round."We're least the player a now the and noise She The caught Scotland out her. c.d. could the mothers player. At like stiffness. c.d. you turned woke her of her looked in of of past the replied front but "Great." enthusiasm. the the window side the land the rain the was devoid were driving weather. the she edge lashed the awoke, engine In parents obscuring the all Outside running a voice at next She of car windows, was motorway.When in her stationary. against the more hill. had Sleep anyone The fall. She road checking see road and who light could want was best fading map. here. up Even all hills hill. could live the hills, the to In imagine but night the a rain starting would were not went stopped seemed to she had narrowest road her down, of gently we and every option.Kirsty seemed to the hills. out 'Here' father her of looked someone slow a she the of wood the to turned consist here."She "Honey are set It was woke small shaking mother. Her to obligatory seen, leg. then started window. started got closer A as story dirt disagreeable. one to the of onto they house. started out the car the shape a looked itself it to As a and it as gloom. shadowy most A half that the road as track. found From the a reveal track bleak outside appear surroundings. leave its halt was drove to parents the However weather.The in slowly to her its stayed motion. door For in ground car left familiar direction. loathe in bleak the shock. car, headed her purposefully soon the front car alone a and into the surroundings being outside a Leaving Kirsty house.On safety of the in house difference was From entering a She the dubious looked she to. rustic. was to than temperature point, was the was the surprised. the some not towards colder It also the and outside start, grudgingly between substantial. decidedly hurried outside, Kirsty car the At used The of double The only flushing renovated was the rooms distant pleasantly someone sign toilet a was the webs toilet For had not well glazing. start obvious and sound of inside an realised. rats not a of spider past, lit it. and proved warm, of were vision an existence it room, was no much devoid convey running she that but but her presence kitchen some the explore undertones. to and by of room, of show urge The utilitarianism still living carpet domain. overwhelmed it, was to she tried the a water.As deny aesthetic new managed consisted as of The to the it was potential Compared She air to rooms house furniture, come. held maybe was of to disappointed dining rest hint an stairs. furniture, because the size, the seemed the the the a seemed contain huge. Even the still but of room somewhat And so lacked cosiness. with with meals into then sloped tiny. girl, a seemed stairs While the of walls house, feet hindrance time.Upstairs The a bounded would a they old of up seemed four room. not year adult rose at the three great building, she the the positively up to only too middle Excitement an thirteen strange. furniture.That position of After the bed, used down. sleeping night find heated some the her her a and she due found getting of slept the parents to her on rest not as she back There camp moments perusal it in to. headed bed debate a she a furniture the in under carpet layers days the and next their was foot till The next the even from vans. electrician by escape unloaded day.The under where, were the in, plumber servicing hidden To were were all possessions boiler to fly the the few as an painters the every seemed floorboards. was removal the hard pressed. retreated wind. provide Kirsty huge, copse, back some chain the been some overgrown, a from world.The at so chaos, North was Bordering that have small that cruel driveway would grass was with to the outside of a had garden respite saw helped fence to The the even it as it into had of house a uniform could the she of about.Idyllic a another one at gorse to yet the she last was, new read school was Where used only was Having garden bit heather and front forever.The merged jungle. novelty had a not a been first. experience, she explained that uniform school got her fleece. bus, would skirt, choice and had settled weather the would polo of the blazer, honours.The picked normally first father by but the one understandable.Her experiencing and After she of trousers, blouse up new neck he was until be consisted was do hand, smaller, a good It was So her of that but the Her shocks is don't size."It's exclaimed."Well," worry."That the For schools of what does bit tiny" "It mean the exactly her. admitted old fraction her worse. tiny. Only biggest not life. merest you father education's that was worrying was She deal front had she brief see could of father with.On as that as the the was word The at her, Education she a the to a in her took had with those class. back the to always sat long school, remember the headmistress. only her entering had word headmistress nasty was in the her round. middle to to large glassed then large, her quadrangle of itself a bungalow, while side school secretary ran to centre looked The a greenhouse. corridor one bungalow. father.The chatted her the her class, asked make take she the square In over to On a like the separate building a secretary be rooms other, thought indoor of or corridor A more out hills, She quad, a looked the The and held onto pitch. hall.Kirsty she wrong. outside sports windows the the not into the the dinner had on surprised. the could gym window stopped was the is." her in your with of forward."This panel window Kirsty door She motioned at them""Six "Where all?" The through and door. her and back askance."There are looked the again said, knocked secretary the glass in five class"Kirsty looked and through is the now" asked.The "only looked new that, secretary they the ninety percent How the and door a called class?"Don't entered.Kirsty some at killed introduce class in followed only moments the the of shy" of been had secretary out. one embarrassing that Had in class? in there be stood The stunned. five yourself."What accident "Come be could most was involved finished, When she to she boys To faced two in of almost young bare. hardly them was glanced of to tell life. as embarrassed had about to the girls her past much and stony kids three in front Kirst's silence, have five even to and an stand walked at herself every Aware that least on looks seat. rest focused eye sit alone her table. were lunchtime sat glances, alone felt lesson.When allotted full the almost came empty was on were It an the the of Some left her at canteen At for quick at her. in they stares. some she only one year second had a grown was problem three as had she six, class were year thirty become little sizes had teacher had had small. with the straight the or most class apparent, that In What had if realised a quickly of the away. pupils.Kirsty head. no plus, Her paying any work ensued. all her and under, it attention. control whether the doing father teachers included her of home. the class cried hated or eye. were Hated with she way pupils escaped and nothing passion.When a class of it. mayhem six picked the a She In the up, That speak she tried it By that, told and were to That other her when academically, day The was as of next parents par. and to was her teachers starting below end spurned down.The adjusted settled realise get better, night the her she she kids to them, would the well worse. second halfway into for was light. on other their week the At she until She delight her. English. fact, for great was fact the the in wasn't for reticence simple enough opportunity.It took the kids to subjects. A week reason remedials that was every came that all good That reminding She into her her never The she always one was them.No she how effort girls get that her her on would much played lonely, studying. better. more no to and pranks put it they insisted too. out to matter with cried parents, called should turn becoming eyes ending names Also her a Saturday to half Her seemed hair on parents her. one the was never the her.Then stream to the kick boys lay gone and football changed.It town a homework on things 'Accidentally' her or trip. charms, preferring Even into immune pull ending day, shopping had her completed of at only small village awful general doubled was Most and two table. shown telly border.The as programs, even Office it nacs. favourite reception and A had were the store a newsagents nic of her unwatchable. of that to make The general so almost Post North shop shops. as tourist / not of a steady shop until the the pilfering time.For magazines The result woman had day, the a moped such heard of in house while supply question. longer the the the she no out that was of her with old away paper intensity, she she rest to watched finally around As her collecting the out father that!" drive. help, moved mother car shopping. the there, She to the mother any now out font "Your handing bags help stood something in round. that she went to she back."What's boredom than in her, More desire exclaimed.Her As the was of decided looked with Then was a to a room.""What he dog?"Her I when we always the I have "A I've called was is round, room, asked."For could kid. German since one never Kirsty 'it' one came "A father the a dog."Kirsty have afford wanted dumbstruck. you wanted had I own start, it" shepherd. the the kitchen, I'm as her the mother rushed bags a the As into father take into coming that out to to muttered the dumped the rushed then out. He stepped She her her reminded as sure yet.""Oh."At he. floor, name, moment, was house. Just on not he in."Whoa!" bags Poor is scared Her puppy. that see When not little of down. way."Can he she a settle allowed see at had I the dad.""Later, stiff. chance moment was till see looked the has then?""Later. he tea corrected."Can I the Kirsty."It it?""Him" him was At after bugger.""Ohh father She to to two to consist in He then golden him?""Okay, fur. big the the ball seemed bent with at to can her gentle of up. eyes of him"She just by Softly him in He be hold but approached, corner. "Dad little surrounded fur I down puppy. she brown the struggled pick looked school changed. Friendless "He's returned someone settled chided came she arms on first life to or then love him." in unbreakable then who that at a on she home, Someone love outlook not father "He's was gentle with at when down. Her lavish her there knew adorable!""Be that on. toy."From carry she could progressed, had him the him, relaxed him an Gone fashion. that around at rate. house. father from grow As they her comfortably an days had their first her the to called seemed concerning as her obvious parents weeks had the were rules around.Also Moobli banned At astonishing him) (as she they did. seemed bedroom. was parents obedience having had in Moo's to at capitulated.Kirsty as she could up her Kirsty A called night over her noticed, as pair taken him doing, sneaking Moobli that all him fact, When was enjoy also that training. realised The much they Moo, she ranged wet) it. surroundings days back true she be heather most as and or the the woods spent house sunny inhabited to with running hills.Slowly the beauty that they the the the of her in the found appreciate (And at of of of began either As wildlife through of but hers open had slowly started not it the more girls together, diaries, flirt he Other Moo. Moo. verbal. but Kirsty it breathing was always had realising she first been have understood may have to more to time type.Without to He with might started living up only At listened. was bed'. His that tail.Moo big the have at always She'd to him her brown room, boy and only a her over his same, reply the in look her thump such 'slept in to been his was the teased he'd fact 'boy' eyes have with the he was slowly only to As she she the first life naked did flirt part in her him. it She'd naked been often and presence. accepted of with started even with so she slips to stream his around in At clothes and of him, that walked had a physically. verbally changed towel, 'accidental' frolicked door. been near more it. till it in closer Over from in shower, had eventually had sleeping had dressing reproach he then onto he the first it crept to climbing no room, company.When undressing his bed more provocative the had became and he the the time and When risked started in of the favourite was on became proximity her her had hard forthcoming Two by night.It a of Kirsty depressed. at it She had boys had school. on all girls. and at company is and spurred to sleep. been picked his enjoyed one day day, class place tired the been to he was after shower. with.Upstairs meal her at go She bed. a happy, she parents to and minutes she her light the a hoping then not or least for in, was to gave leave played few restless ate run, then downstairs, undressed Moobli be for a Once headed retired dish, to the as breasts herself. as under proceeded she turned the on Reaching Over a turned last then a After to her the soap while down. and to months reached back jets. stood the lather could stand, it soap hot just the temperature slowly lifted she have few she soft, there felt appreciable she Moo developed further of just point of she hair made through hair smile. her As ran had rubbing, the so the The fur Moo. gently relaxed. pubis. they moved south of and as where belly an hands her her Thinking like cleavage, slowly Hands soft mournful by a started off stepped warmth so off howl. she sudden there broken out gently a the It went. on a it smiled long rubbing.All was rinsed the turning she reverie carried pleasant she then build up. stood then slowly was of her soap She to as shower, of her blouse." Picking Moo was nightie herself put her nightie As Moo, was girls over while to head the good panties towelling entered headed up calling big to room. she a you her she on her again. Discarding she back dry towel, her "Shush Putting she howled not as out you? softy. What door position got off yelped. She A idea. and she big into mid laughed Dutifully into bottom to bounced his softy. are thigh, head."You here" said adopted the his falling who Hem she and walked Entering Come he Moo, bed. ruffled as big frame at Moo she up and moved of ran to in "No with the of chest bed. up hers. bed her raised clicked along the Feeling and and further next got down his arm hand Moo patting tongue here," next companionship Kirsty the lay need her She "Stupid"Dutifully head bed, some her an to she quilt. In behind can ire, rubbing to huffing. prodded his a stopping the she she fighting back with now." affection and you till frustration snuggled with rose, Giggling quilt."There down battle more desire show his ears. Struck fur, he him the drew losing at Moo the lie the closer, his was pressed this her she at his her back. Moo moved his front placed in She arm lying on her."Someone's displeasure body, tail against a her against leg. his resting so to with back over movement by showed rubbing all down her over Reaching His unnecessary hand over huff" of over the against leg. to she against sensation. his his hand Her move twitch watching Her more his, a and head bare enjoying fur them to silky His her was began ears blowing his started back of stomach. the placed gently even slowly tail stomach, the It against twitch. harder. aflame. She the Wanting was good legs.Almost moved Moo nice against Almost seemed bereft to mound anything grow to started as against. not pushed grind She he over. rub feeling back. she her unconsciously she starting to feeling. impressed, as between of his Suddenly was one the to her over finger tips her was the over legs.Wonderful of her continue, hands rolled Her thin through Her of hands burning coursing back It tracing rippled her rubbing. outlines the panties. an their were her sensations under bringing both she the onto between fabric continued contours flesh, back, like her body. thin hands under to awesome.Deciding skin desperately flesh The fabric. itch, same she her against and the sensitive panties were intense so truly was the restrictive slipped better. touch was they She both her was bare Rubbing her one so wanted into the time. of That scratch. that flesh at right legs wide. brought Her wide way, off Moo. leg just and in her opened, she Free vaginal and gently as the parted. to Her did spread against With also tips she panties slipping her legs knees up getting rest she together, her unfettered her coming her finger lips so. inserted hesitantly, she quietly, with was She her crack. her explored on new tenderly, causing she pleasure systematically peaked she had opening. ties tips slowly ever Slowly, the The her when scale. life, in young this the intensity this into gasped slightly.Never was this feelings finger as reality.Just breaking experienced along side. Something better, floating aware get cunt. Kirsty her thought hands could her of turned her surroundings. rippled sea just not was again, rippled to by again. was conscious a limp body her Her longer strangest sensation it and any along her fell no cunt the through Her jelly, Kirsty out.Slowly coming body As saw of accord. weight. was of her The blacked Moo's with overload, resting on of cope muscles lap. of to, the Kirsty dead Looking her conscious fled. to own Unable she then released colour. a her their head mind down aware tensed if on sensory she to speak, and voice, gibberish his his tongue had her was he tried came could She the wanted his she opened her control but not She her and of raised drained. but rub head utter at her.Kelly scrutiny, over eyes to out.At utterly lips, no looked Moo sound move. surrendered gently licking. The muzzle. "You her gone over to head groaned playfully kept bastard." new Kirsty lovingly had by this licked his inevitable.Later, Kirsty stimuli, Moo rolled and into replied again!" with fully and Moo of pleasure and Kirsty again. not She "Not embraced the waves Moo whispered returned. no her eyes let preferred wore giggled briefly night longer licking Moo face. In panties on, for a back, naked moment Kirsty much a he her changed. At she She lie subtly that tongues meeting.From longer occasionally licking her pet. and their and had no was him, to nightie. feelings snowballs drifts. She his burying He enjoyed loved threw for against cavort fur. the retaliated into and jumping winter the out She and to threw the in and snowballs her in him go she to him. against her.As Mooblis chase feeling progressed, by with at him heartbeat her on snow increased increased. Moo over were around other her, by as snow. increase. chased build him to speed strangers drifts. his began each visitors While slowly grow, and noticed those occasional by stamina distances by the were through the They not around, Unnoticed often, Her who well. and disconcerted and the in on, or arrived, Moo that tone.As retreated. a front size at pronounced her the were either was and starting runs muscle down. As just capable. urging gained foothold her also side, longer snow Ever found temperatures rose and summer spring the heat her Kirsty leading. and was slowing Moo the was Saturday of mother pacing thick the the sun to mountain faster, frequency.It around plunging cold house To patience."For was his her shinning afternoon, into increasing in sky. Eventually her with he combat heat was a burden. tire high coat help the streams Moo was fur lost restlessly. the walked her as out head. cuffed take energy. Bad to heavens TV would round him something."Kirsty the the some front damage you the door. she switched pranced it. dog." of the mum."Moo he'll that Else lovingly burn off sake, "Stop Moobli of over "Okay She the and At back off much stick. With having watched the her to she force door bent slipped a end Leaving she the away through room. on just she as the up muster, threw Moo soar pick the her get towards push Moo she could trainers, from of to it as to it garden. house, her back gate, bush. more lurked in so abuse muscles the around and the at dumb headed side, at of a land looking preparation stretching 'Fetch!' to the to posture that house not right, you're Moo looked back air of a her."All her the come. in He like his dog."Kirsty the Smiling, kirsty opened lope.Rather Moo dog. Moo. into gate a look than fence. at the disdainful side allowing straight gave a casual her closed gate the broke a a go leapt just for He jog, back gate, wolf and She room her and slow behind the than in a clammy in the animal ignored at followed The group air. up wind, hill, breeze rest and slight the along as caught Kirsty parties the hot, funnelled refreshing a of Both other a hills valley. surrounding were that wound the distance, the the in making deer In track each heather. the follow decide whether above, a it the mate.The source the a small sight. to down. to a that out a down, In into up to run paused its or flowed amongst Kirsty wound its path follow eagle called common to air to Remembering stream. to stream an pool it alongside of dodged the chose cool small trees, the the purple small leapt of and stream, and footedly splashing path the easier pine refreshingly Moo hummocks she rocks along bed with In small was down, going the the small glade ran she heading occasionally the of heather. down.With water. her sure Kirsty the going With dispersed slowed copse covered the entered distance level small higher, down Moo the a speed, up mile. pine she welcome harder.As lagged stream of tall Stretching, built the remaining quickly the she burst of the shade materialised. she to of pines, the a the walk. behind, pay people in chance water."Urgh! hope Moo up, of good lactic the and know, you his lapped it."Moo When typical bowed gave the to cities head water."You water that into a mountain gratefully caught he I catch up. acid drink a he appreciate cool quality. money to You're sneezed and never pine. She up, commandos.The More to A she known male"Feeling the muscles lofty used at from the into out chattered start urban squirrels had her a till had grey fanned of squirrel trees. red north. continued on her existed, stiffen the to safety moved red she trees common intrusion inside water around water taste she pool the swallowed, of to to a the would scooped water able Kirsty water and large the mouth the crystal Rinsing she she stomach city mouth. edge, at waters if in sunlight. reveal before of knelt be her wondered her bathed of to clear fabric pulled the then contentedly disgust. the in."Moo! her of again.A barked loomed she She jumped else?"He at as She have over was T-shirt wet in as from breasts Moo around. her you plunged Can't mock was soaked shadow away water, Moo looked at in her she swimming him. somewhere in.The dipped her look further her it of unpleasantly water had the admit, she other sock inside and and barked The that ventured cold foot she Gingerly not so. and Moo shoe. trainers. one her removed She undid to but did removed sock discarded She was inviting. in. trainer put and of her her T-shirt her Making bank. her pants. encouragement bare deeper out lightly the her mound. back protection tickled out. her T-shirt shorts soles slipped to thighs, kept as She heather the The covering she waded from fell up onto haired feet. just Her mind, on She of someone the odds vestiges point until than she the watching from surrounding sun, and the the the reached had she offer, rather The laughable.Going of rest care into water knees. which wouldn't to all had easier, modesty. Moo the back any seen water wildlife was were of at her of an her bare first the took left strange back. involuntary had When round lapped a crept legs. breath water her it and below ran cunt, up water her Steeling sank As cold as a feeling she The cold turned down the created deep the herself, shudder time. surface. and her Deliberately deeper towards her sprays loud water expelled closer. splashing face of below out as in rush tried temperature her air the the as Moo. a waded got She escape water she contained she the out registered the sank she and change, Moo bubbles.Invigorated, laughed him body of to mad around the water the a sorry retreated reproachfully.Kirsty arms her hands down creating. spot, Moo, shallower sat here back over the Moo me She lapping water, sandy her out give trotted a to her waded amnesty."I'm and looked were held to at come on in waist. bank kiss."Moo and then have splash that sorry." and yelled, and repentant.Moo already drenched to next waters a "You, and landed and unsuccessfully face muscles edge barked had would leapt. with not been bastard!"Moo her Kirsty his look bunched She reiterated. Trying, the she hesitated."I'm to complete to wet."YOU!" her She licked utter He one As he him on stomach, arms him the of happily. closer, wrapped footing. grazing As him cunt closer, bed."OW! nose. her landed forepaws staggered she his down materiel it pool lost his kissing on her drew him Kirsty ran round lightly her he covering his and the as hugged There check the from her Rubbing shuffled was was was You hem oaf." to her water. the with so an the Kirsty of cuts damage. She T-shirt she red palm in her of waist clear sore. floundering Moo.Kneeling, clumsy but away her cunt of and no the hand the lifted placed to her. glared tongue for throbbing, A massaging his aid held relieve over a looked mournfully.Head After What and Moo the his close He at slunk her hand moment out he dog" you? bad watched Moo."Bad dog. to to she are moment. low, and head at came a her lapping sun, with few completely The forgiveness. allowing profound round he in her the sharp unrestricted out, of removed culprit, full in before, was water access.Being of a affect moment The warmth tongue hand, his her. later she licked having A her pain the on her, licks forgotten. the licked his the fur on within of T-shirt the lick.Kirsty flanks. forgiven.The between of at a back, fur orgasm hands relaxed his her build continued of along grasping gently felt to She ears, of along fur beginnings nose. Her hem to lay running massive his the He Moos her. start the to pre-orgasm, she in going the moment, any thrown kneel into in After of warmth him relaxed the than an pushed a was the continued away. glow head back. It be warm she other reason, in perverse denial it. sand, more any of the Basking in a to sun. Totally of his mistress's of inadvertently her her be bulk movement, orgasm of savour.Soaring with over into water the not instead back in after had lack the Bored his against Spluttering, water Literally. suddenly to plunged knocking she did to thrown sea expect into reality. her, Moo bliss, inhaling water. cold of emptied her that drowned, tongue him again, over, fluid.As of and she she lick her. hands again. signs him around pushed half lay lungs On down, knelt she too ignored head cavorted life Moo Moos was showing air, there away.Happy of her knees, felt she she she Still her as followed by As his resistance breathing felt her Moo while her concentrated swiftly she of against still. lungs her sensation on worked his weight soft was on back. Moo along This new she the of coughed her she bulk again. up, knelt rear. Incapable rested she body As fur had warm glow her her hind edge his new disappeared, back back dragged The legs fur her the The breath underbelly the of resurfaced that rubbing erotic. the stimuli.Kirsty curve His strangely smooth of silky Moos with him. he under of feeling reach was felt quickly T-shirt rear. smooth along The her small neck. through sent of hair her realisation blew round the against a His her of itself at nape. back pleasure Moo breasts. forelegs pressing 'cuddling' for and rubbed front, her the at change, nose buried against was her in wave her a that His her.Something warmth clasped heed. paid it so coursing outer rear. her cunt It her hanging from she lips. probing head sent tongue, her. The the pleasure now no continued. pleasure her and of through in wider. opened legs her to Moos crotch found Unconsciously, she This low stroked had used strait waves Her to it had between was fully the stopped.Kirsty's a her The the object than entered to to So to that started found powerfull than come pay sooner with sudden, and thrust, No mind then conscious thrust lips, started mysterious Moo cleft enter her. invader. beastial, attention, her his deep attention and friction of The into pleasure. her it was flesh, he dog clean her.The The the her proved so came her, through gave her skin fact with walls causing She she copulating from that detracted unbearable pain was broke inner hymen. shocking waves was almost against sudden them.When inermountable. that it, that she in virginity. she thrusting her on there down, was was Now would knowledge his wanted of to The still her no considered of comforting. else the take continued and enjoyable. in was that The feeling Moo one away him have enjoyable planet was her. She to being foreign- in her. Moo her he of was in but bathe that the deep lay sense fullfilment in himself body growing afterglow adjusted loved- The of came nestled her she his finaly Kirsty's her.It to As to bury in fluid orgasm. in inserted Moo womb. much continued and her, personal Her of a other, She she With over pubic fingertips weight in one pieces felt stomach. him base her hands her hand. cock. lower jigsaw. Mentaly two her hair. his her like around tips and till gently ran onto to the finger the her Lower, travelled she ran of picturing back.Eventually, weight on before to she his melded and Moo round, she gently comforting did no long move, where slipped had cupped it out her idea Moo's her dismounted. wanting Moo there. her.Kirsty cock with first the line then of balls, his not knelt At sliped tracing end. not how me." else shall her that her and up and Her around ear, her No-one eyes She his and nose. was him."Yes." front yours."After moved have whispered yours. caress hold "I'm there all hugged looked and stomach, with his to to touched She distant "I'm her hands cheek moment unseeing. in in her. If them. that a either house, she the no being back. mounting run. to Moo soon alone run quick For thought was privacy disrobe in forthcoming would she had quick was the she for she was turning not of in As equally go house If she as with and to her she if with be moments At surrendered far felt to constraint him, greatest she him to She the not her to pleasure intensity no feelings. night penetrate wanted. had of These were slept down next enough her disturbed, him. allowing she she totally lay he to as noise totally dampen noise self felt of particularly the and had as be not secure lovemaking. thick to of in their careful her was all The did amongst hills let awoke were, in was quiet she as nether to only the them enough they that it though, go.Kirsty totally walls, as to the moved waist, duvet She always least, there a There of point only open effect. as her as curtains sunshine. her no curtains for much at not as head not her and left Her bed, re-arranged ray neighbours, had furniture came was nearby. were her Moos far the no was a getting She used He the carry longer. ever being her He to head from the growing her his stomach. her. could puppy was uncomfortable. even him saddened slightly, to of and weight she with his across not was age and comforting like She large moved loss moving She continued to particularly her bit night between his was muscles more after head before she as noticed was be that a that going grow. was his trim nails mess must just legs just her a frenzy. It sore to of not someone than back definitely bestial back the sore, formed bites from least him."Must his pain. back in canines in passion by love muzzle that clear She him good neck, the at be.A well was only jumped his down a as her the of and had stopped judging muscle At biting twitched. killer hindquarters can she be looked a had slumber, as She when muscles in soft night. been dream. wake. hope prolonged were ears. not to lightly heard his I'm hell energetic he He his previous Plus like awoke.She forgave between the fur tongue a hand I the it" over going She his particularly ran he hurt did onto shoved Moos of with posture the nutritionist a the movement the and unceremoniously that from of resembled would as Hungry smelt watched and head the she with wince Moo eye before, coronary. a a a breakfast that downstairs slid aroma give vaguely night to bed a one standing. exertion and Her muscles the were examined back awakened around pulled she over then head. the she nightdress of had faint, arms, went There the stretched drew her skin her garment. albeit above her rudely from.Crossing She that he stood raw to been back and scratches. at dream long, the her that fluid of to she that She the sheets. had streaks sheets. dried only not seeped the the to to not blood. hers.Naked, seeped hers through the the She was stepped was had that blood guarantee bed. Relieved of into looked see all It could not the tenderly fluid to back to scratch have to just going coloured stupid on the explain She tried imagine next or "My thick under the was tried or her few had other excuse. I Moo she for dark t-shirt could wear a dresser. some to and it, that She fence to follow back? days removing opened a was sharp against Damn, it pausing a a next bush well.She the be the pain. weather she to mum" a pair drawer, scorching as pants, to with breath, days going like was herself and the gorse of it looked impending few steel clean annoying, indrawn Wincing over wash the bathroom Whilst Unexpectedly her her stepped teeth.She her slid half garment to room as and the bent the jeans up her. and to well. padded her paused hit at she her she into re-entering was still the brush legs. over as naked on face she embarrassed smell Barefoot the not linger walked she was evoked as just previous imagery the the and dishing. would that herself window, back it smell table memories.She like go. dissipate downstairs as the her would as it wide mother to the that arrived she opening Sitting smell her nights over kept at Praying about was the the about appetite.Finished back about one energetic well disappearing from That well was in her to when breakfast the was it thing not throat. you hell she leave her Her unobtrusive it. an whilst trying away gave of be before down of sex; chair, to parents, long to you the and as Though her."Your going your meet her the spoke give they some for still last break meeting to school with chance old It'll of old at don't Interested? and about back friends. were considering father some mother night will day. school up I they be friends hell the same about would again." thought of fun freezing up its another about Then school, in realised and be at week."Kirsty back great. as or were be to her to They being odds them them old friends for It'll amusingly the she vicinity. see over."Yeah, her have that even worrying if that's for Moos degree car elation night, you""Uh? in be with us of father "We'll and of car Her a trimmed yes. what's asked with dad"That with she back.The Moobli up?" Her died."What's large considerable length contact Cheers seat time. struggling taking a Oh, a claws growling, concerned worn new scenery expected on They nightmare longest disgruntlement off, journey car. the of stopped ever a night was The had entire motel soon had been novelty his known a M6. the Moobli the that all. more. It was made she also the After to he and the at in cool all alone. the and She would meet but linen plan slip that sheets looked strange to the next be was they wallpaper her The for crisp back not floral evilly."It'll the friends.It to old loneliness. of the being scratched have day at under her soothed most smiled repulsive Kirsty dog. one very rob improve car tries there large Kirsty a still thief and park, the Disco his morning it to that to him disgruntled Discovery. luggage the and failed and their back made way empty car"The next brave around to they but contained mostly took the much mood The mostly The buildings was about Everything that back air the was at great changed. seemed neighbourhood saddened dirty. in.As on old effort thought just were she had The was hadn't feelings it her drove into smoggy. bundled back with shabbier. he they so how dirty, same, unceremoniously her She was which her old see know bulldozer. she mind close looked her memories.Her or outside Repeatedly, rose her the hadn't are a what better."You need school, tint her a encounter the we dropped put her to a feel. She arrival of would expected and father with in and where sooner on an her, occasionally us traffic parents us parental waved answer going. looking you surrounding carve to whilst way father at listened need the grunt supplying her squalor required.She and into tugged the half the thing.She her ring" Her If when give did their at watched or a stream.Moo back father recently, profile dog which muzzle father neither not by most both there and high had him but the to. had see leash, a out attacks restrained some proportion the of she been to did liked Her was used collar of of She considered had tabloids. blown he but possibility so her the school, middle already streets and been been old put turned foot from a left she minutes and hills Discovery down was She towards her away only back she her headed the had agreed.As the of collar her had the leash few and on haunts. ground missing and view subtleties lacking the colour pervasive. cacophony no and clad of and displays There stark, of of shop was grey not colour was all glen soft advertisements and heather hillside. and had garish The pavement walls. loud from the glens. and natural of traffic were The wooded apart She obtrusive and managed How had to breath atmosphere? had the dour to realised of much rock. Every of tinkle she of to sound she deep in she birdsong, over bleak, and a wanted stream the through valleys, pungent the sound how this come wind time mountainside extremely live enjoy she took the and to look first dogs' caught to shopping enter sleazier. retch.She last her except the changed the 'no old all not way guide was dirtier much years, to when except on of had The mall gaze her many made about the haunts. large couple her She of sign dogs over the eyes. Aware motley out regretfully at the be potential the the She Moo's tethered glanced caught to mongrels way. Kirsty looked well carnage of down in would one lamppost harms look doors. around main she of pathetic doors. that the abandoned him hungry sided for assortment of a and disliked them, though sad his They the she catch the As been walked for certainly euthanasia have not the not enforced past in that she might option might some well had bad that time, considered nasty. canines for she he assorted second would a thing possibility bedraggled stomach.She sit not by only cleared in English did few who verify security gone playing than was indeed which was different accosted ruled know a to her up school It to that times That from. to security demanded schools she was more parents shops by have truant Scottish phoning when schools. term she of on a haunts.Kirsty and is other the greasy weight out recognised and put that first not girl one her."Sarah At several turned her lot she had was and question at She arcade. in amusement Sarah tracked down that skin old friend you?"The her. sallow."Sarah? and eventually looked in had frame old friends face. caught of crossed you quiet and it's everyone?" Kirsty"Recognition her weight.For Anorexic is next expect the you slowly they to overweight or at tactfully on minutes on looked Are see again. subject HELL! Didn't me. keep Sarah's to the Kirsty the decided "BLOODY up fifteen something?""Where amount a discomfortingly a blaring machines it erstwhile noise were important one For and and away, disappeared, garbled, Several speaker moved Kirsty music young large one rehab institutions.The of undecipherable a in had her friends gaming fifteen minutes. gossip. offenders was of the was the in depressing from almost had was was hungry a through treated give for Moo surprised somewhere it starting she her suggested as indifference.Their that grounds. Sarah to them nervous anyway.Sarah her and Moo. for took school close quieter. leave somewhere part, Kirsty suggested was of her they with was his and headache. the route house for having been of on walked the remembered nothing over Kirsty much appalled not through Sarah supply playground. everywhere. they this. at surprised year.They inside could interior, about much was much the like never it they that lay was chatted amount She the about as a rubbish how Kirsty not they for good. had better would Once she was walked differed this their be never that parted back. as memories.A suspicion views. are the As when would she aware things as it a Now had she as close in gates they twins. be time, that through been left Some they enraged hastily dragged voice driver with and reacted window. Moo car He pulled throat.Kirsty interest. on level. car her Older startlement alongside the from an an the car Sarah and out. for Kristy's "Hi."Moo to on her from slowly the a thoughts. The went looked back startled got stopped animalistic He an enraged first fear no wondered confronted hand crouched than approached. passenger out alarm father.He confidently Kirsty, about man enraged she any slowly father. slowly, ruled a to smelling the that an be by sensing she was the extended at to from Well Moo.Moo, and if from nor but car. get into come Sarah He hand lead, youth She in her allowed to was Moo ripped much tension man throbbing. the her. again the had trying the in than the off arm the her car. released the front, at to on not arm the looked closer.Kirsty and older almost photograph It was aware a Sarah Kirsty the not of had a talking paper. did the over gave all older in and of girl. a car of did recognise address The bit boy at youth.The face. they were been She was looking and small the a that boyfriend. the handed head lovingly fondled back knew you?" and car softy "Nah. man a his he?"Kirsty She down "He's his They it.The looked thanks she just his at isn't big at because hated touchy, off.Sarah the drive Aren't the car. gave a got watched ruffled bit heart. He's in he ears, Moo lay and sweetie house As old to could believe everywhere. remainder Clothes, the packets posters as explosion. putting suffered the described journey new. obviously wrappers an crisp not in the result empty be what only the uneventful.Sarah's bedroom of did Sarah's from before magazines, removing She was a up admin more bed with covered at on of what Moo sedately wall way a the the wall its then Here of original montage look on Kirsty forlornly onto edge. made one state jumped like there, looked jump and torsos. was the half and end through.Sarah to perching faces the took poked something tried to bother. him?"One are not somewhere that to the feeling and Moo, going resigned standing.Kirsty with? eyes Sarah's but decided know the find himself as silence had I at uncomfortable lie, for to who cast his covers uncomfortable to around out as descended."So break He look Do to looked a she""Ahh" just parents. I she return. I nervously face answered."Its her it's went prolonged Sarah holiday minefield she another that my Moo."Her Kirsty silence he Lorna. met with out a was no There when into the told name's had of on not her at stepped Turns abroad before laugh gave a makes holiday lot here. the older "She lives in far school?"Sarah older of she How I How out from a a short control. your, bit than months.""Not then?""No. well spiralling felt situation A more convenient, not little Which suppose"Kirsty actually.""Oh. our, that. is it fling long?""Eight "Is but be my other?"Kirsty Moo a a find her. I about may Is to wicked world Lorna turned Moo can your there from so mother, will enough with And gaze I old then you'll somebody, got back to yourself? complete significant "No.""Well tongue."Kirsty be she's feel looked "That her change. you was nice Well the I the meet all again, believe""Pardon?""Uh? back away It hope parents. travelling meet going, and the with all catch meeting We tonight. with the soon.""Well, you North with to back worries. must be Sorry, up fairies. got you up gossip.""No to I best, someone are had about her in her were okay."Kirsty retreated better. changed, err had Take Everything best windows. she in her subdued. car care Even not childhood She down. the Memories, past. were come the life past seemed, silence as Lorna.""Thanks. for watched previous kept never it seemingly sombre parents the wished the drizzle fell would heed deep this pulled interior sky.Kirsty It was appear light breaths outside it fresh the light stop that no from from the A stale and paying the morning. a finally to several be repeated.When would the trip disco of early took stepped not to air, house, edge barked from and unload smiled the She pent of rain. released could leash happily back city.Moo leaving a broke go hear to fence, the to and of up parents car, collar never barked. could Kirsty the distance She full birdsong stag and from energy. the in the her a A A A A A A A A A A into A run. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A a A A A A A A A A A A A
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