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the offered. andagain six beenworking her to the thather aquarium from the enjoyed had for evening job her PlainEach the Once past months office. The so the walk Common day woman would exciting, and morning way in the in so She was pool. the environment perks at on by and these water would would their grace beauty On over some theDolphins and display in days admire the as interestingpeople, so do. gracefulcreatures sponta- they inthe playful their things many and many interesting leaps neously she and Each day stop and swam of and see form mastery tank. the to of end bethere. distance. the tothe watching woman. Dolphin he at first on day attention the hisside, would she That all always of pool. paid Separated group, after The rolls. is, but one. waiting But a the remain at Lounging for little the would male from day lone intently big At the beautiful finally This still she in shework was alone at him. was rarer in Rarely a work, to It by complex. particular and Sunday she different. several her pass. was notuntil had weekend would put before she notice decided even and gone had afternoon It did did weeks overtime early loose week. with She day. the young. only In of rode blond morning. her herbicycle wore a go workand start twenties long sparkling when sure hair few to to finish a she flowing busy Enjoying of the She would spring was the before she thatshe was that tasks sunshine servicedoors. today. headas she her early joggers. and be tested at whisked herself. locked the by alone the working Herpretty turning Locked."Good," thought complex Unlocking steel She fluttered be alone. yellow sundress door to one morning more then she she she big wind, the the would bike the in Arriving would boredom. chlorine. a Hoping hear Dolphins whoever break it in the to arrival. was, complexshe uptheir anticipation greeted the a take little of She the play the was with familiar smellsof hallway time of the light hint Inside lights, someone's for water, salt fumbled and that could aquaria, trilling to few down friends. the As she pool for tosay the hallway play by "hello" toward a trouble them switched behind her Just to moments. incredibly with She found and them on. beautiful to headed always, her and the creatures. pass were door the They them Dolphin's heroffice. locked took sat in water the took It her her her shoes of dignity the She and and feetdangling their glistening wassoft, They at edge environment...andtheir the Her pool oh Their skin supple, and Dolphin of the made moved through withsuch friends bodies. water. sensuous. very salt with off power. so envious they her greet enjoyed. andrubbing and gently tongues... each a them; inturn resttheir chins caress by of stroking all to and especially Two their legs third heads longing were trying gether attention, would would would speak stroke. She each elicit long a touch her while on their name for to her, triedmany not spotted the that separate that She hadgathered the the the satisfying around one had group. favourswhile his longest she him But times get far her her resting rostrum on him in did alwaysstayed time she notice to after to the For before corner. group Dolphin lap. from her...never strange day his easing she she way in over that be ofher. slowly to different. a he over say get taking eyes wasever way. his He he come and hello, but side off This watched, too close. would using so on to not Swimming moved his As alwayschoose noticed and the he callinghim shooing just afraid the pool. other her. injured, side on, Dolphins sick, Splashing She slowcrawling movement. was gently to coaxed top water of not a like She could with the because plain acting thisway was herhand. him the he whether of the away or decide of him calmed rostrum. and was...-strange. It the strokedhim Eventually, softly, of touch in It letting surprised he the cautiously, moved stretched relax grow other and the her first, Slowly, he closer. At side confident his wasunlike hand with His of Dolphins. along herout- touching drifted presence. She her. just touch on her bold own. had rub enormous and her,lounging were By toallow male others playing her in this pool shecould He their Only time gentle pleasant remained long the so stroke his petting. the so his even grew as She the and body. muscled caresses with goneoff to finely tongue. hisside, her the the had had. was rolled she over that feeling his he on that realizedwhat she himintently, to creature. exposing evidence noticed feelings first overtures. strange studied trying understand the it of fathom It Trying to strange startled that At this of meant. Immediately, slowly she nature then this beating peeking that obviouslyvery washis pink, It aroused. was shaped, his that and at genital Herheart cock. She never was point she Quivering, fast her she possible. her. had considered this skin realized For deep the proof. through tingling pulsating, heavy, there yet, and was ready. slit And Dolphin for in raced. questioned thatso by creature? her? would She was she Inthe touch searched so give it anxious mouth crotch answers, her about to forces end, gone in anticipation,her long ago that feelings. mind this afire. Her Whywas had his powerful her and the she excited titillated dry, What into associated held shallow would mind, quickly to place get to debate he she him in they a over. she of the pool. conclusion. with the come? stroke taken As continued to Dolphinsavoided Would shesoundlessly and the Dolphin, a that First, experiences, skin supple unpleasant The have her the came edge the to the She too with up small from many This walked way. the pool roomwhere otherDolphins (It the they of tank in shallow She to to pool. was pool used opened and have deep, weresick.)She would try. the the was. when them pool the got was treat too door was he the gatebehind water, around She facehim. closed watched swaminto turned the the the He as that to Dolphin. to room she quietly the around and gate lead the biggerpool shallow and astonishment turned To her willingly water, closed in male the floating to him. shallow called and magnificent, the racingthrough She of as she with button such her mind. and euphoria a But on desire on side, a gentlecreature. reached toexperience back dressand unfastened just turned his hispink tool slipped around thoughts quickly moment, second her it the her paused She of the joining just showing. reaffirmed erectnipples. tookoff Dolphin the liberating eyes of firm anticipation breasts her without in it; and taking she bra draping carefully Shesat As Dolphin and her laid obvious back off, it over the them watched the off down facing and with removed and chair. the panties nervous her her of himunsnapped creature, and and for by the From size calm of perspective in secondthoughts. littlefrightened this front movements she rest her into and an was slow her But hesitation the of clothes. Without of instant... water Dolphin. the shallow satdown hisgentleness. a reassured stepped woman advances his the of the this petting belly, side, him. the at feminine pleasure underneath that Heopened his slid at the body his his Dolphin close along gave Slowly, mouth along search her rubbing The swam to her, of she his her hers. Shestroked feeling his wide undersidein body long the hand intense quiver his touch. tip his love pulsat- split deeper his they just met Her guiding laying the the her inside fingers slit. could formthe ofhis ing cautiously body. herfinger in folds genital She feel the around cock, his into opening of cavity, the probed curled skin his She wait until hand of privateplace. inanticipa- soft her of the displayed She feeling by it her the to down pulsate Dolphins her hand and her curledaround tion what up hand, slowly happen. tip tip, to astonishment the erected was Like exquisitedexterity. her fingers! hands, his and Dolphin penis his the Guided shaft, cock of slid his thistrembling of his the arched body, rolled graceful on against briny Shaped carefully to environment. body, hers. Sheheld tightly, her side,exposing extended Deliberately, staff enchanted after licked tool. him and affectionately the penis. salt his tongue,tasting the his woman. but pleasure with body of his Dolphin He his pressinghis shuddered paused tongue tongue As the male Dolphin slit. gasped his the firstfolds zone. and side She belly...his she length, base. her approached mostsensitive to folds of tip Tenderly, strokedits' tickled the and the guidedher big Leisurely she over ever erogenous the the massaged lick his the of and toward thepleasurable was ing and control tongue it. his environment. body Dolphin she conscious relinquished to wrapped Hisrapture had slowly way crack. creature, was long evident gaping of deeper so easedher toward the jaws, barely protrud- around Eventually encounteringthe organ, closed since his the of by his of her recesses The her Dolphin's anuncon- up organ. intense that woman shaft was woman reaction the sensitive working to ofthe bestowed and Occasionally of way and onhis dick tongue, long would eyes, quickenedheartbeat. his tail stoking down in pleasure the water scious it's most her surface the with curved The the slap the her of her and guided unmatched anything love the tool or ina Her woman into genital base Cetacean. length. timeshe curl mouth startedto Eventually, the Sliding hand tip, full Each reached the herlips suck. around by his cock tongue up the shaft. would Dolphin trembling squeezing his embrace the Human progressed, causing relax ened suckled, created the as and the sucking. each and gently encounter orgasmic harder, At down length the shequick- her first the erratically sucked rod, and the of the and pace and by Dolphin's bodytense with whistle she tobreath feel could Dolphin harder but spasm she rhythmic provided a in pleasure dexterous rhapsody. the deep It in the state fellatiotic Dolphins herthroat of was feeling higher higher lovemaking a that of sensuous aroused encounters had at and pitches. He her previous was For before and a whole the that oral enced feeling nevergave. cock pure neverexperi- woman, back tobring Dolphin his tool Not part thewoman's his mouth his himselfready It his and to turn plan to newlevel of into genital he pleasure. sat was awareness. body a of sexual back, folds. the being oral enjoyment felt curious withdrew woman minutes several The now from cum. After of watched stares of Dolphin back woman her her their elbows the shallow back leaned and pool. mutual shallower to the out asthe leisurely water locked embrace. and was as what big male Approaching swam middle eased toward the the her and avisual Heswam to. in forth, on The up waytoward hepushed his toward she against her response inner legs thighs. the cunt. and head As She to feeling he his and forward obliged of advances, pink, open her again, forcing rostrum between shaved him way lipin wriggling his her vagina. his bright apart them exposingher her her bit legs,pushing to extended woman's the tongue in his on comfortable nuzzled position, ofeach help, the Settling he to the of struggled way zone thatmagnificent and her crack. back very the Having his up to and with with flippers theDolphin managed, woman's she legs. snapped pleasure heaving Herhead tip a rest woman's top spot can he would all began search creatures. a The the looking most to one for. male one at touch, had that elicit place give. Dolphins, powerfulpleasures telling gasped his her reaction this the spot his found the was creature common female he that Unlike that intelligentfemale He theDolphin for oral ecstasy. given before wantedto penile intensity that of delight having a to He of new sexual his so so own stimulation he cocked He length the the was relaxed, docile. Andunlike and proceeded had pleasure...the species, she him depth sucked. the his of probed nextlevel return dimensionin females of state swept sign mental Dolphin's The had andwas of entering since he the the a had thecreature given the vaginal reactions, of rhapsody. over the breadth muscular the of woman's slit, searchingfor of As a woman looking for that her to and her watching length tongue maneuvers foundit. spot, long longer gently wished she she allow to stand Dolphin'stongue it the he and passes, any wouldpause and bliss. she quietly. over and reached After stroked with grabbed that cunt whimpered Each time it. out she her her clit that Understanding several clitoris passed lightly her the couldnot and he enjoy precipice,preparing the her to emotions. her and was ecstasy nearing go made the and the her into of thewoman him obliged. herself fall all abyss was edge this that wanted to lick breathing over of environment The ferocity pleasure heavily, feelings She he spot, ofrhapsody. of She forget particular shelet unheeded, allowed abruptly...hestopped. the stop the edge. but at hercries yelled her away. Don't went hanging notbeing out, head back, tightly, and Dolphin "NO! to ultimate Nearly handsholding her thrown both her pleasure, swam and very when suddenly Leaving she No! the rostrum Dolphin's experience crying now!.....pllleeeasse!!" on the She pool, unable knew himself climax a plain Heswam womanwatched about love, for next and the them him, they to did his preparing for must to he step. The thought herself,"Why!...Why he stop!" stopped. the He common actions well. that She join why planned had understand The together. toachieve Dolphin of the her her tosplash for Only could to She return, that Butwith her waited taking no massaged service. her to that opportunity water Anxiously, erect, to hot the fingered clittrying bring back ease over taken he he had to. the she nipplestrying ecstasy of hard, body. him satisfaction. level provide and his on his himmove his into beside She her, shallow as caressing helped stroking he fondled water. of sustained again. admiring fluid The body her hissensuous the soreness the arousal. Finally hands body, turned way This time hisside over woman sliding her approached by skin. up wriggled Dolphin the his of tip She Pausing eased way sobriefly the to the hisbeak herself tail. probe she tip tip full onehand underneath. crack. had of his her to and its length, on top, vulva. positioned the her Starting from of Gyrating his finbetween hand other pectoral maneuver ever slowly the to cock size. encounter. it's his plans and and at erected only Dolphin The hewithdrew his had it's a so she of to full few It 14 woman regain ever slightly tried to inches, length. earlier though, the their The somewhat moments, long...about pleasure ofthe was wassurprised fin other some after cunt she in the penis herself side slowly easily. eased him. oblig- It erect her ingly Carefully, She and a now over top grasped came him, slid of knifeshaped, was pretty shade positioning ofit. had along what he mind,and herbody the on knew She down in and positioned pink. of him tight that ability love Dolphin to It's detail. flexibility the was the his giving ready. Their woman's she comfortable. in the to vagina embrace means cavity her so was She wrapped for explore signalling started a tightembrace, she them with the him around providing infine makingtool. The arms probe to at locations her spot most Each wouldsqueeze he him he would minutes sensitive gently trigger identified found their pleasure begansearching signal elation. a least in passed Dolphin tocommunicate mutual as the thewoman's Several precise intensereactions. for the that love particularly places He her. three as she the probed time seeking. he cunt was powerful in most that flexible he way. tighten begin. the was and cock Providing that her one It time him would pleasure With Each tunnel caused to react. spot. to her the ofthese zones, would Startingwith with each touched he tickle his pleasure pulsate time exquisite the rotation. The spot would to at go zone on potent caused the He to her in feeling clit, would organ next and that She absolute procedure,stimulating tip her he rotate the heaven, repeat spot. shudder around each stimulation each heprovided. in sex his was each then body of the the brink but ofthat stimulated whimpers become bring over her screams. hisstimulations her he to continued, the Slowly his would whimper. edge abyss, and but herback to erotic time genitalia kiss avaginal to allowing quietly, would At first as safe deliberately bringing would she always look her, her zone near making genitals orgasmic this She wanted stretch never of experienced pleasure And life. limits. love his to He that signal like in its gave extreme Theflexi- over ground. knew to go pleasure her their to theend of encounter. that absolute such would edge her bility had her, the outthe females lead orgasm. had fucking to The life. let Unlike was never was mostsatisfying other wanted him also eyesrolled deep chattered he experienced,this experiencing the had content head her back in her wrapped one sub end. with each She her the She teeth her way. to his this and Dolphin he His squeeze. and his neatly side pounding, his each his her pitched feel breaththat breasts moans. body, around tail, the took, the she body living sounds time legs his and each collection low would oneither edge, she With of could likea ap-proached she was of heart fitting that of hertightly a they his go brink, her he in refused. beg danced continued her Holding on such him Each quivering what with fins, to way entered stimulating rapture jello. muscle with the a he hours eventuallyforcing seemed like the higher let shehad For coupling. that her over...but the ofthe to Her climax cock, were dildo. in away staying had power as time a vibrating wasextraordinary. twittering to to of pleasure. pubic screams now resemble or she crescendo. over plain sexual Over and would reaching his such zone, flexing at explode. a that each heticked shefelt She His it again so genital hepumped final his of zone he penisdeep shrill into her he and tip her tickled whistle clit. Dolphin this, her canal, body Thrusting his into with somereluctance, The sensed and with her tensed, a until go. For time and the deep let to load a his eacherogenous decided reached she, climax ejaculation. probably of Her tightened most experienced. potent her body humanfemale spasms climax shuddered The soul them climax pulse or any reactedto would nearly had woman allowed to together. The two other Dolphin's vagina of the Herwhole minutes, the for each with last ever the violently. screamed as womanrolled deep top her into it over. body, into and Dolphin her almost back the voice. a withdrew both ing whistling...the onto back his sleep. rolled immediately own with creaturesshriek- in their back and atthe was woman crying of onto cock had Dolphin The TheDolphin fell his Sadly, way. The over him she pet partner. the awoke smiled, spoke and find After hisglistening herDolphin reached several to herself stomach, gently holding to him. held softly. tightly, skin flipperover his and placed his shekissed Stroking as woman her tenderly slept. his by him breasts, woman's Embracing she She hours, the to she She again got to to sex After the several a she got able minutes be pool. man She feel of finally up and showered stall out glow cheek. could a warm used and Never have them snuggled. would by be the two the in of enjoyit. able as with After and He, she would able have be shallow the with would gate It same. never pool his trainers dressed. lounging dressing opened own he join to whilethe the and All the the the side. to on his too, others. kind. to her, watched swamout the not againbe Dolphin sex left. encounter. would both one tomorrow. Dolphin time their as thewoman to would other she wait last looked was in to They knew at EPILOGUE may not and It late the day consider thatthis work The gohome. Her have this each many her for While be last until time and A houses given similar retracttheir arequite To into the their their the vaginal Dolphins body. Dolphins tail body to pure some slit to streamlined, the The slit, is story be fantasy, it finger-like a descriptions accurate. reality. The of dexterity male penis. basedon fact retracted locatedtoward penis genital's in keep no'sexuality there conscious like at used finger. time. like There Humans, and non-human making are can humanfemales, Dolphins the penis muscle, cycles' most enjoy is cycle mammals. documented. of Dolphin's is also in other under likea it is control female love fertility mostly of a Although any be Made Like allcosts...unless Sexual this are avoid elicits sexual this amorous area People almost deal Dolphins at always Dolphin! who The known the they willing swim contact and with of Dolphins. only erogenous zone Dolphins to orstroking a belly. Touching area is with Humans is Dolphin between an touching immediately a response. A A Mind A A John A A A A A TheDolphin" A A A by A A unknown. bestdescription in A A A A A A contacts not The of such A A "The Lilly. the book Of A A A found be A A A Dr. can A
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