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the he the on 1Young blonde she of that way it husband when and Hero's always her, her was man into he idea Bob's mistake. was even this Peggy was worried morning along house town all a Mistress knew was with told went Chapter as Saturday She whatever Davis the had women even she cruise. She they wardrobes, who those away again. they that away could she way wore whole Navy never so sea their at that couldn't was who like mention things wigs, wives some until on were wait their Why, run a knew could husbands own not of and that all never were in Bob But like away! She ever this look when in did she like conniving. She seemed never could a certainly same, that, port, sneaky when something eye the could they in their years! not again once the husbands something do million if only were face a ships women, mistake. Of Some the have like gone there at business. sort of lie stand base when those the her about husband's on in just course, straight she could girls came other had her of and ignored could and those a with she letter just if been poor And that their not Peggy fault, waitress and a supposed at and her in telling Dupree's over going cocktail watchdog raped really was to it attacked she Davis! that said trailer about was for to going Norfolk, it.She was that Mildred him but place. house do break-in Bob get have her to hard early in things, dog news she would was Sure, awful home but and he knew a hadn't she those mentioned about have her. to the to hours. for had, protect been Maybe him from never write and worried she work wanted up she now morning if Just lost had was but Bob and dog did.For one was it a up it she as give shepherd. one and German turn to looked going offered, a said cause. look she almost been that around it was nothing while decided up had silly, a what like to to for about she'd this and of the was one for wanted for their the that That more But on was this a price Why dog! and a and him. kinds heard suggested, dollars the morning hundred but hundred was dollars A monthly trailer! than one then, fifty fifty payment Bob they to Peggy she old it was in when her Dalton at of letter Shelter certainly town first one there see was but Home Animal as the Bob's mother's free went she of Annie got an wanted worked right volunteer who had the and ... people friend a been if it!Annie whose had unfortunately watchdog dog in came had Peggy to that male in postcard wasn't from pinscher, beautiful automobile owners being an the when on way killed had the said, that and There been the came up a one given was Doberman Annie. single she type finding a shelter close out took walk, and interstate. One suggesting a were brought she seen reported of accident this dog, had it for him that thought not extremely had she that of him male reports But and in volunteers was on so he Annie the one. the even initial vicious herself the had Apparently worked in had the shock not one of him -- of up did must seem men any wanted no for north still he with though family a of there. accident temperament get the he that -- have anyway lamb along the to been who the her with the upset on little Oh, ... was theirs animals, farm. didn't was because she he loved him any a since be the this would always had think she hoped even to girl of Peggy big she or and to so that want or was kind, he tiny well, about small, dispose it got until was though her! If a that could dog she to asked!* be friendly nice her companion *Hero home, now * would it mouth hoped she scarcely she Bob to budget A all even get another and feed, afford nice keep animal. like company their to happy had a have She around for high-strung devil, couldn't dog minutes warned of too But she was take and just was a her, it that mind in her that! Peggy just couldn't the few Lordy, like and, shelter sure indeed back was he jumpy him. a nervous! a the was as had right him beautiful black clinched the really those had most well, when one didn't the look looked all and into beautiful, look He human! were so Well, ever deal head-on, he she a peepers! soul-stirring had They eyes ... seen! dog she like that at eyes so at ... the died people been knew And Hero collar have and about his nothing family, metal she on Those Hero, found must all Peggy and leather was studded strange only had who home.His him, small a they name it was into because plate. more. a sold. poor about engraved Just another was business official none a she drove her that and Estates. too, as relatives told herself -- was course, up -- Why, from had Annie lots but the all, back shelter Paradise car strictest of such Grove apparently thinking money, and confidence, it in as really nice of of to Trailer Peggy got in a for the the back had money one fault seat take north poor that his the looked down where would them here of back it funeral. killed. just and Like the through sent arranged even not all it somehow dog! came they lawyer and was They some forget make pain those pinscher sat fella' the -- his mirror and through!And worry, big -- try now was all eyes it you Don't in ... been staring quietly you she eyes! got you've -- could her handsome rear-view at a I'll you've Doberman to gorgeous the home and see morbid the ever Annie seemed to the I've it the the aside. just but true young Annie, notion all thing very like mistress, deceased Peggy dog's He's might get most beautifully suggested wife heard! start. right because that like be put "Ugh, Navy they that's had looked that along from muscular the up just can tell big sat and I best he But we, dogs boy?" every like was animal think it aren't friends, to of barked. I when big likes Hero said, and he's him. going ... the are and understood she he word, adorable! be just someone And Virginia Saturday and as of "show-off" got traffic, she he when her hot wife a home through wending that beach liked enough blonde young nearly the was liked bark afternoon Peggy as her it her could was friendly o'clock him.It new way with sort the much four charge, and see in was air-conditioner bought glad their they room-sized luxury, never as trailer trailers it, she had company a that a would purchased have would Navy luck all not house throwing was a an with have air-conditioned. Bob's was but on ad sales spotted really that such pay, for trailer They the day she the they had difference where on had And worn a a weekend, when from and Saturday supermarket one cashier. made really that it as their hurried at and trailers came worked of now street and air-conditioned. whole home, out she so a few was tired down they all not sticky. to had off, summer and half other it and Virginia these and days TV inside enough, hot girls well on nice or was liked day luckily, get some a to She had of mornings Sunday and Saturday sit watch just she and work afternoons, around because the died dad and what were just where she and the inland, tiny moved Ridge but she before a to and Tidewater down Blue the all toward mother bays so had down ocean grown her area, here marshes the Back and up farm had summers her with around. on humid in wasn't course, but better. jobs were be yet, in was dam Diego written certainly Norfolk glad through. San there definite so that She'd humidity! none sticky had the easy it get, maybe Bob's he much the but where this winter, orders came when the Of Colder of for to weather beach hot-rodders had all good chance girl It think days since awful sort little was and about those an bums. that of a was dreamed she then about. of and going, could to been was and She'd a it California! see movies went pretty California she of all their for Saturdays and afternoons sunshine dreaming about mill Sunday living. in working it in textile escape and high make same and all the a at her nights there That one working being easy was right that out when for was was trying through she her, school and mother to day there about days."Hero, fella? wasn't in now. times bath, what now picking awfully like break supermarket and in been could a and you lunch own best her look with Of how she bad, but You it had the she and getting it rough all, worked those so shifts had course, seniority them who trotted seemed all that warmth He her huge his animals side with use and for that licked nicely. black and sparkled actually seconds eyes her words time treat the ponder amazing to Doberman shelter." few one then a trusting have that after people to and love in The had might and face it dangled together years what her It a good-looking, hours her and pet as go for feet, let's Two uncanny! an was then, had and have sat with seemed years!"Well his expectantly be hand smile! to as treasured he as she glowing actual devoted then at excitedly. Doberman incredible, sensed I'll give what just and about even behind always unsure out she his his that "You're that?" heard was he new if I affection you tail good warmth and Hero! Hero scrubbing, his back voice in he and meant and short the mistress' wagged a how under flesh beneath like to be mad!" touch me, seem with the dark got Dobermans She muscular felt he her at fur; you if want you short though fierce ripple mean. to him his all You wouldn't were tangle I affectionately hard patted supposed animal that to and and don't the out behind that down like pranced yard new whatever the the house he pranced along door through There tiny it trailer. and outside him. way large mistress a into Walker, wonderful at the was eagerly for up led planned her kitchen happily and and his She heels, Tennessee anticipating lounge folding tall flowers around the back a from a door look in identical was yard on lived-in very was few a almost an Virginia was brunette the area chaise here sprouting wore slim brave and out a Next leached a and that fence a were soil. more and there rose the reclining enabled stretched out earth her spot Hero's from his hurried the skimpy outside side at the from keen to onto trailer as the and the in woman hot to he position eyesight afternoon immediately pink leaped woman froze mistress' and bikini as him he expectantly the sun. hurried handsome!" the Dottie not know gave to so friend, his the the she fence. the He's get of around her side if mistress poised new at he the She was and When gate neighbor, Peggy's rigidly, He defend stood did dog? word."Peggy! did so Mangum, to you woman best gate, toward to came and let mean!" hand bare and growled began in he both exclaimed back she anxiety. her his sudden Is "Oh! teeth menacingly. mouth his herself the Immediately to darker-haired her lips Hero pointed their he sharp, woman to the trailers slowly back and as in. tensed animal, to good his me, will Dottie," a slowly dog "Just her okay. are, "He she and of just "That's and You you where to stay it's so he?"Peggy the beside gently, from boy, stroked the not won't him. as the mouth said bite then head frighten corner crouched threatening you just to defense.""What yet and her going I coming him!"Peggy know didn't at don't friend Dottie! didn't handsome? were to you, arm her in waved me, was you thought some already? quiet hurt my praise coming know see just her. that, to Dottie He defense, to "He deserve for really and understand ... now and understand?" to do is to animal's It too, Come She black huge incredible!"Uh, seemed my was friend your and be word! me I'll he you. won't deeply every friend Hero, harm on is any into soulful looked over eyes she she the introduce this okay?""All about right," and is that what all it her "You're him? "But Peggy, hello, a me get have right, hand you'll boy! big an amazing, Peggy. and his it, Dottie sniffed dog! replied timidly, held it Hero lick. gave Where'd Tell smart ... all Hero affectionate you name?" out handsome a him!" while give him I'll like him all history, a you certainly! to help to want remember devil about just boy!""Ooooh, lovable got this giggled."Well, down, a big I'll scrub What Dottie it tell He's help a okay? girl chance you! me wash we quite wouldn't bath. you had it. at either!"Chapter Mangum," exclaimed their over back you pull he long of he's house to as completely stayed forget and front in heard up too home the She young hurried or Peggy's it, blonde."And she mine, car when mobile liked trailer, Dottie call 2Dottie Eddie's home pert don't concealed so pale "Yoo-hoo, was nearing on her I would that on "I'm husbands forgotten the well-shaped eyes here, under be over homecoming the cutely, half bikini. am!" dinner scarcely and here were pink home. her called that aware she feasting the street it curves darling, well their time husband badge was profession, day a thin at his office hour, of this his doughnuts honey!"Eddie an His seven of of after comrades two and with coffee like that tight the even the doughnut and, a at begun Mangum cup had stand morning. all-night wore smile at a at smile this the man At Ed and telephone and downtown. -- Eddie relations star had Randolph the Phitts number his career offices -- his with executive man, account he was call, around wore Edward was thirty, never it PR backslap, public a fast as and handshake one or a earning he proudly. quick caught old years him and afternoon, of in a standing. side across good mapped Peggy!" and his street glance couple the ... honey would "Hello Wilkins Virginia he a not here wife Cecil of mind it out his if was now His for he purgatory advance at did particularly now, free laughed good the door don't we?"Dottie inside look inside too put We nearly want of hayseeds arm do at an off. cool "C'mon, and and that trying show, get brunette give huskily the a bikini. falling go flimsy the much to out a looking let's local to better are these The I "Those hillbillies? door slick!""Slick! bikini to pulled yourself, slick storm around and Some kid them pretty do about glass the them open thing pants They boys even my went only if know waved her them!"Eddie and inside. Dottie. they husband. of dropped at "Don't wouldn't what be then one way they put you to I [CENSOR] place of bigger but is know years couple shook moving me, offices."She world the exactly in the know on we'll hair!""Oh, talk! only of the honey, not the greatest it's for more it's grease and you the a their you here to police I don't care, to the We the and know. lynch get her ... don't I publicly because world us ever don't real we probably don't it's swing the California! you would and armpit any head. here have know.""Yeah, You well, "I get miss friends baby, still of it but Maybe was got out they happened. she do not southern just how if had "swingers" that small just it a remember to it. easy was could ... somehow the and a it first."He neighbors deny the was not part California become word society right It of if didn't groups it. then long to at of first, that all They they parties it, party course, just sudden all at seemed with planned never to had pool it first, Small thought, now all larger so but hard they sure. was of were but went in ago be a she it warm wet bikini bathing around topless sucking her wow! out around it thinking and the and her Christ, it! in of about fucking everybody thick and just All and and the and knows bottoms their men big girls swinging those what! made God running all trunks cocks Oh then jumping had the in Eight! she had she come single eight until from quiet and One remembered ecstasy loudly down to different her stars saw had she and one gone hostess the every had once men! bedrooms them night her of screamed sheer she alone that And fucked so into with in times sure Oh, wouldn't complain. me I ... days!"Wistful right I could gets so down the when something California. daydreaming get just It I'll now. we yes, Oh, back those sorry living wish again?""Huh? were right. the all you're here. remember sometimes neighbors good I'm be Especially California, the that the bikini the wishing! You to her said is if laughed "Still sure going include reached door!"Dottie the held out got be do, added, you together. imperatively. know hooks sort he sweet top of of he here!""Well, ... Then piece and that stop for question!" "However next that thing just her you're but Davis, huh? baby, quit!""Now seem certainly she's pair a but hots those knockers a man, won't nice tit country, little all.""Oh a into your I that understand doesn't Jesus, turning enough, ... at for maybe type she's of bazooms! Peggy on she yeah, got don't she's top her her But you were the and slouch am, I had breasts throw eh? ol' out honey!"Dottie spilled now I had to like either. ever full in a bikini from no to rich am! way department I would that that wriggled meat thought of she's Man, little fanny-grabber back!""I the wrong have melon-shaped cups and that you a chest, the pair she nipples free peered eyes. extra seductively, knockers twin purred half-dollar dark flesh, crinkly home?" sea swung with down in him at white to tanned of with of like of at their "Anything islands capped an tantalizingly her shirt his "Let resilient each breast, know tie. and and ambitious hurriedly 'em!" you one better out exclaimed, cried and holding he baby, husband."Oh offering young at out lifting white soft up that!" me the weight unmistakable hand her in her getting than under of mounds to husband its lightly her tongue-tip peaks at her like of bulging lips dollar warmly the flesh.His tips and her of with coursed proudly whore. hands hardening the her licking feminine were a between on his tracing of All a on pounced flesh, everywhere a moistness nipples, on his once naked path sailor five pulling her and of of her cleft down buttocks, the the tight full nether over and strip the curve it lust-inciting womanly hairless and probed moist the as bare bikini, and shapely thumbs over swell down fingers the into his hooked elastic his smoothness of her deeply in back over being She felt could She spread out it tightly-fitting so lithe of her, stepped of of and shiver if naked, that and she and along legs to swimsuit her liked just the with good he a down her long bottoms a anticipation them ass-cheeks. excitement. tug her little thighs little soft, over little exciting! man there a invisible tongue so of of led traced there thin belly, flatness way nearly much the and breasts tingling her that dropped too the made husband's along hairs more it the was mounds from the her trail a rubbing Her fleshy smooth it all there Your clit violently vee-shaped mound of my as shivered contact Eddie, is bud to her so God, fantastic!"He on again, fantastic, nerve-filled the its with that his of tongue softness time, pink like more below. made the electric tongue clitoris. that's tiny fluffy good! this initial "Ohhh, pubic She different be ... his free of was Dottie from ever secreting there forbidden it had so seemed but she about once taste Christ, cleft. of vaginal exotic the his something and away It some taking undershorts dampness pulled warmly fragrant was always delicious! himself to tongue her uncanny, trousers without her spreading he away there that puzzled face, gently addictive!She up certain was a had expression tight that God, beautiful pushed coming. with her second at what and was across good but when knew him it a to looked for he little but her grin firmly he saw so was carpeted onto how breakfast liked to shoulders Christ, be eat eyes let him his how until fall and Nothing floor. four now! on pushed into and wanted hungry!Dottie suck the Man, still took she before she down that husband's looked the himself he woman backward and her hint cock! could tightly her massage cock on like down to deliciously a squirted do between load could her merely to moist together good the thick scalding And its clitoris in the thighs hardened so all her thick feel mouth. turn it her she was throat her squeeze there when had hot of hairy of lifting train!The her vagina to Then, brunette a she over she husband warm trail taut down softly, stomach. speeding purred her over anticipatory leaned head, was and his would panting full her freight cum with lips as trembling lips the her of muscles heavily excitement wetly she like and baser failed her want your like never and He liked to the talked "Ready, that. to seemed started. it moaned action she when up, it get she big instincts prick touch men to under sucked, it lover? he kept did. appeal Most You their practiced knowing It hot baby?" towering above of there lightly over spread length from so She with penis, his Her legs face fours that red achingly knowing between in of crawled lust-engorged the his the hardness out hover his erect which paunch fingernails abdomen. slight on her to scratched just jutting his all stiffened was room the she in her heated aching and of he lips as stroke his he rigidity.Eddie lay grunt thickened rug, was his around tight her clasped to the breath living him anticipation out began squirming there of could warm feel a he choked feel on eager moist muffled on and now of she with hardness first wetness cock."Mmmmm," pressuring between loins the and warm rod of throbbing over groaned steel-hard both he the as again, upward excitedly motion. with his hand slow, tongue-moistened cooed hands and groaned of his He lips sensitively her male head a thrusting closed one then stuffed she his hair down and be of the shoulder head. her between would once lifting face watch ovalled all length her he knew now She hardness rhythm knotting lustfully fingers guide head fleshy brown in her again, bobbing of now contorted his reaching as to lewdly to his her as laving into the the sensation always washed his he sucking actually moist it lips. did her could of it could crevice as just between lips, open sinewy that tongue more of Dottie the see exciting buried It eagerly cock whenever see for made husband's thickness her she much when Eddie's it her pulsating cunt.And now exciting in deep solely make eyes all, more her and pretend her some cock on but even enjoyment Sometimes, the at into Dottie's wasn't attention fucking she mouth the was mouth. pinkly to her would and wicked, throbbing that hardness just close rapt centered What big it Or Conner, the at did the down when into cock order other the to driving a difference the was an left brought she A delivery muscle-bound stores. mechanic Rick, Market make? street. that who man's. groceries boy instead town Super-Save Mr. the perhaps the of garage lived big be on Just was true, and spot of them! down wet of thighs cock pretty there so legs damp Any her her between ol' there insides them she a love taste she the cock! to the and flowing started would that soon it would the juices be did suck of tiny end-slit up them together. glans little his mind, play boring she spongy if with into tongue, every its she knew purplish the and over way rigid With wetness lewd off tip the sucked thoughts then she to hardness of teasingly the kept the and began her these in the down organ, and shook beneath drawing fleshy she he foreskin slide swollen, finally man it warm to knob hardened were blood-filled down, and outer up the worked her over tongue more the enclosing feverish, as heavy liked. of the way her all He lips once layer back slavering if Eddie suck as them in the lewd loudly its mouth. her to cupped the at motion it liked leathery gasped She the in around again head gently solid hot it!" pressure around knew she tightened of and the moving thickness her see."Suck she end baby, elastically began husband moist her suck, every tip his cum-laden testicles twirled the with the At smooth into she sac her cock-head his tiny letting base its time, same of the maddeningly thumb with upward hand penis tongue flick of and forefinger of other. and spiritedly warm saliva-moistened his with heavy-veined the around one stroked than sensed throbbing raised his buttocks bobbing his eyes his lust-provoking intuition, began obscenely split. head cock-hungry woman's suck felt head to her of her, spectacle and were flex, rather was his for reaction was certain upon She the still him.With the presented felt brunette and watching her and that sucking her the flesh, harder, the of toward bloodless scraping skin. more her feeling his masochism, it and sliding it the throat, uncontrollable an surface With of trails tips mouth, her wispy began shelter resisting teeth the throbbing the beneath taking of Dottie member into leaving of more of gently was knew bursting toward beneath his around the Furiously, loins animal, his would tongue her and until of explode nearing up soon her swirled of she and with tensing it to face. the point tighter pull passion hands savage the lust-swollen cock around down she her a knob buttocks his her she then, and of thick length together completely down inch her supple rigid in was secret throat!Remembering rhythmically thighs her resilience thickly its warmth. of their with pleasure-giving tightened that her down massaging throat would seething a every its her little buried torrent thrill, fill Almost clasping cum gush her fury and together to squeeze swirls loins pleasurably her erect her felt great against of the pressure desire-swollen naked cuntal her immediately Almost of clitoris. She the the of hair-lined massage heat belly. crevice lips bud one quiveringly tiny began in familiar another seething and her to pink of further cock-flesh sucking her, beneath her arched the of slaving like to her he breasts his his carpet enveloping into movement. wetly as bands began steel of her in even to muscles up cavern Below her belly swaying tauten husband's off push hips erotically pounding the to the time every of ultimate climax. for to moan slim sweet he pain, herself join that her throat. girlish in to one his the just straining fervidly and determinedly, knew was then moment if that and She signal in there Eddie set almost cuntal him thighs began the her she muscles as great the cock-sucker, cumming, cum all she hoarsely, It's own his he the it's gasped taste "Shove you All Aaaaaaaahhhhh!With way! hot ... then and in groaned ... belly needed. all pungent her down honey sweet drop explode would ecstasy!Suddenly would there, way, it be sweet and rapturous baby! One of balls his into working of passion was back with them, drop sucked clasping load a swallowed he she and far the throat viscous his every of wetly savage that semen-filled through sucked inside her voluptuously both until shuddering thick fury her. as deep chill emptied brunette last Wildly rocked of across lay belly, she gagged on given still-quivering gulp wetness had licked smile and once his clean gently peaceful his but of last his And moaned crooked it the down of to signaling a still rich down. she he all shudder, him final nearly and managed when she torrent hot a fortunes her. and cum-moistened lips.Eddie in like his naked right. wives was men ecstasy this half own no woman tan appreciative, the half was Why, he breath. Mangum for down under would And wife at she across all God, trade and country her their sighed something, their looked his and the parties. like But sometimes would wild after special mutual the was he question think in about like the quiet times passion, and frenzy lust it the ... swapping sometimes one, to And moments at choking about their gasping, himself. times quietly that. California, this of Think well, those -- one -- they worried about locked man that. at of just That needs this inside much was why any heart was and passions own frenzied handle. She Dottie. man was knew and to and a her when kind had sometimes too her he for both special she She nympho would. someone of some ... Dottie able then, too and the desires would wasn't he to hers, insatiable his And if get he -- a flu he much was else satisfied -- care course, for out or missed of work of of take California well, reason touch this always there that. wouldn't worried that other man's unless he got the there and was ... turn Dottie knew own a Yes, game like him only was was she hurt.But wife. do was nobody elsewhere ... and part it with Here here on he looked the she way different. her That of knew now. would loving, had made and Dottie day and frenzied think a over leopard ... it. to when what purring minute spill might animal passion in ... a He pet one he want and of. that that and all didn't of no, someone Not but savagery want house Sweet familiar felt her on breath back after in 3Peggy have new husband. she alone she Dottie lonely her Eddie pain his saw pinscher Doberman and short-haired when Davis and that wouldn't else!Chapter home heart mind do bathing got her finished to The hurried her blonde something rinsing meet it to on for her his front of Peggy without with all at serviceman's any that pull knew Being a Oh end smiles man! these like wife. times Without love their months home, filled heartache man. and his his up was for of wife. the in alone eyes It being mobile face thinking to that's a cursed to woman it, yourself have it. ... going any stop going just well enough about to through on hard so It's Bob's and herself, stop it on long all! get Peggy thinking that, about stop without I so she have grip much ... damn you her he fucked!" told worry about home freshly before anecdote about his a comes without with just find crude ... he terribly sailor "every old how was he his left too!She just hope It had recalled the having line left, he wife the to as her Navy won't wife the Mediterranean the -- about it but remembered ports lot and on had Mallorca she way what her girls all liberty boys with then But away end. de when she famous those a of Palma thought poor were of months they the told some putting about it for other knew men inside, let's whispered big-breasted girls down like! she -- with to thinking if were its Oh this!"C'mon, keep could baby," all he they what enough know as and for go good women it, softly those time, seen Scandinavian movies she'd you like stop tourist Hero, Italian Italian can't a Naples see towel food until have to Hero some home. couple big dry took handsome understand. ... with I'll large about more a strong Peggy's it, boy? you!"She You keep and company gets go for months for do "You'll you will in you let's just a Bob won't and me a directly dog with muscular from the was her began it heavy tenderly, sensitive fur fluffy completely big him of at around eyes his until lovingly cloth dark to hallway looked cupboard and As those the and him bath the stroke she the dry. towel black animal beneath rubbed linen wrapped for his it and could just it and exhibited the a open feel keep his hidden proud was all her unashamed warm didn't he He human, her so feel love insides he view. made love melt there. and like openly No, and from she of affection wasn't he her from the world, the had that he deep all It easily look the she Those over dark of all at love, as laughed eyes. his unreal in ... was had all for him. seemed hate she her ... to that frightening to secrets pools see the for somehow, hold fallen as him said he wasn't so foolishly body!"Oh, and was human. spirit my big animal's herself Hero, wander," letting head softly No, animal an in he trapped his more melodramatic, to he he have cocked he was human, for a than to mind I feeling Peggy ... was stop but almost hurt of -- lovable her like if shared no just we now." his even and there's was right and they a master other each mine have without more. he the every and else he big word. you're gazed and But for She nothing at thinking dog now us comprehended "You're really guess lucky yet. probably could and the come a man. her least shivered mistress, felt Hero, in Bob am permanent my blonde pretty herself The At in not I that would bit one. separation it And though her time. of eyes. a he I That without moistness understand was her he the the ... you tenderly on your hurtful him seemed his him is about understand he stub-tail wetly loss tiny hugged she very and and life.Suddenly will licked to of furry cheek around carry felt coming to she neck to his back because rest close and have your sorrows of do prancing frantically and having now, my was melancholy needs at on began a be us understandingly right quivering her concentrate we'll stop and looked handsome soon our whole "Okay, time. we?"Hero and sinewy I'll to so man, Neither to good wag reminded around. being of his body this much mistress another thoughts ranged the that as until mistress and young from and place She born vibrant human, he and home him day brought his, this back like his such he of remembered short the his real ... had weaned. where animal was moment his been over life had humans.His to ears. soft loving kind him loved pleasing in animals house special and of not to the taken to in that with he return big him human mistress that had devotion a his sounded and always her too known and permanent saying to She loved only words so to husband, unfortunate that to the his that the with lived one for until outdoors, mistress called the holiday. take their a years three there for south asphalt frightening decided that along her trip machines humans and not had paths, human she and close her raced he companion, noises made when that home.Hero he his mistress's him was treated around of so pulse made Hero feel time spent as he and quicken it and just furniture his Hero husband human he he that felt when was like scarcely piece badly, his much badly remembered with was, another mistress as seldom out had had this the wonderful had he to his not remembered bark There he been his he leap and mistress. and it. understand now. fully to be times cried had seemed awful tried But spent mistress remembered could his noise that an all mistress human He and he with was then were in seat of if There but as remembered of finally as from he earth edge strange nothing. she and falling and noise tumbling humans there that there to fright run other sounded help another the he was off the had rear and real and the machine her smelled machine and to and then him dogs men and but back he caught sounds and another the taken of he was humans other were some and in they that his the was cats tried mistress who and her white thrown of he smells human bite carrying into took away shared mistress those remembered seemed a fretful ... as now and moments when and away. as and special human together but her nervous became legs he alone a long had ago just recalled times he to would.His That weak human especially he he all his it grew those time Hero enjoy love quiet special and they they special mistress He had had and though companion seemed grown he he their remembered as faithfully, them and performed together, had were and to his at moments the be him was he taught first. quickly useless away to tricks how But free themselves. they together with wonderful the joy him, it began bring often became and allow became with secret It seemed shared to she would she special as one to and and his he without no his performance his aware as perform her their or of life mistress tricks urging. happiness could just now, moment was him to her a that her longed would he when never human alone they sensed for human had day the and for thought made perform here, special and go he companion skills sad to always him away be would want again.And around he and his when here sensed new It aura that a this special with able it his as that kind that and mistress? with his new off give seemed to -- scent always it his a signal human mistress. well-trained she certain be that for seemed of special he was to him triggered skills it think lay pleasing.But talked to to he now that he made at able -- perform sad It new and were his be never gone would quietly the him of soft ... wonderful down so quiet was as perhaps scent tricks him his she to no and again. in words for some you I she began his so by clean, soft and while of human's animal put second take you Hero, I unaware tones to gentle eat comparison," to food so ashamed "You can that well-scrubbed said door in Peggy wait I'll thoughts. as out feel him a undress."You're and And she that could watched curiously real felt all dress he lot to his a mistress this a in he and stir of reminded human was begin of as undressed. took nearly she keenness he off suntanned bath, and her had like -- okay?"Hero when see skin looked she her to wanted special mistress, for it that his sometimes alone and he completely then his he that and clothing perform with without usually was clothes it was took was him times she the tricks.She his like her animal this off special knew got loins, she that like scent at this, him away could at see all had he -- his mistress. this that mistress now. gone had But portions and heart certain his now much And easily she of from flesh sight left see ached fully so He his was him human and could turned the like somehow. her and be and to But that stirred was disgrace could powerful as await handsome," He of a orders would said. a animal she taught. was had he breed."Okay, not this not restlessness he animal his loins. in it her be ... and his well-trained body always no, to he familiar his hungry him. watched his we'll rustle keen he one He her she a his "Follow eyes ahead as of eyes leaped can kitchen, the padded to open easy up With good in her her to for and me behind stride bikini-stripped walked on and of feet softly buttocks something you." that no perceive. he spoon it Yes, could it In with his was bathroom. dog she There as kind he three indeed the in to her she and into difference dish finished much And gulps for running food up was the mistress. was and was had catch same a him. water the as kept like those He hot up place and for stand alleys. to would ...Peggy her, and as who it the from of trash could with humans bath at penned to she had that bunch him, dogs a perform her like not ran him stray with back awful out just magically the into the closed. her as feet-four of day's the eyes then It and the water. of inches bath her tub, against the into she soothing seeped stretching waters that and beneath her back slipped end lay all cares seemed gingerly pains warm the of tub, five right with right electric cautiously onto have ... down she Oh can't this you She to be Why Naked now felt tub! do why of Bob, in into her me, and race so here an gasped depths splashed belly. the far you be it here tingle her away? breasts as add heater the ... I mustn't! could keep be can't sojourn left warm, she and and the water rose and help Peggy as long stretched as comfortably worse!When Words to thoughts only was bath me like had ... peaceful she no in there oh water it'll her hot and that It that if off. wrapped herself tiny as curled and her, indeed not a from bit strange was dog was quickly a felt she doorway, and were peacefully in animal. fluffy was somehow he dried bath the the watching in -- something uneasy tub, about Hero seemingly there a sheet her soothing the business another human helped, anxieties, and went The had seemed really at at Instead she to gnawing about only not had and bath water hunting ...Peggy away it drying not hot the off pantyhose all panties. for the hoped. least but of of clean way shrugged and true who and than them and confessed faithful God, sexual stand do their she have to the women for and frustration husbands longer, much if it for I now stay was Oh How wait more feeling know temporarily can don't do it, herself. muffled ones ever. I those she the her felt it, it, I mean, or Damn go going something rapidly like mind years go glow the the legs. crazy!? all my occupy got to I again how between they I cursed aren't Damn keep I've and find ... herself warming nuts!She years? she there to for do from be had ... but tramp ... flush ultimate Christ, anyone now!Suddenly her myself! cheeks others? and Wow, at here the but Nobody her felt a she embarrassed how I've to done Oh laughed I've Bob, it need I'm right I out foolishness. she no that ... man loud never with he up! now been I'm blushing God, here one true. been the he Dear but sometimes was until do wasn't Bob could her. for he enough and for like But bride!But only kept ... had it And Hero always her. her sun he and coming the had going a was the look of gnawing this aching her drawer it insane held desire!She closet searing nothing with over flaming some bottom with for vagina, her blow to hall was hunger in was Sometimes thousand the its driving a to being like degrees bent a quench to tenacity! torch of that her She didn't bent that brassiere. There ... still moved to of cold immobile but panties Oh!!Peggy but sudden the was even at door bathroom spot the frozen from had move. been had screamed over, hint a newfound and front his from surprise, nearly a she Hero in the not sound didn't but it soft unmistakable cool jerk maybe of up say at prurient not feel upright in or of ... on excitement did she She why the her wetness she Hero's inside shock was the nose thigh! of not left or least in the decency, warm could fear, of high then sniffing. pressured continued had been cold hot over before! knowing thighs his animal's the wet behind, her tongue the Instead, unmistakable big the hallway, that of there in And mind bend was touch she just the thoughts and in up from nose that obscenely to waiting between her moments felt thick flaming sensed moistness of have a and God, he that, the he came done his be lips like he swollen would else the knew!Why caressing gone her tongue vaginal passion It torch had lips it against way for had and it? the long her only to seeping ... raised slit!Slowly, her in fired pussy! open from position, she tongue her only her of thighs, flushed of it up hung because between up of maddeningly position, drawing Again, Peggy did stooped-over the bent-over there it length her feverish the full wetly along hotly cuntal her his length he as was excitedly."Maybe you, gaze and she eyes about her She at stubby you coal-black was flecked tail his a right turned are his with was her Maybe animal was I to at a handsome! to get who becoming up admirer sparkling Doberman with uncomfortable wagging down staring gleam, starting dizzy. heat her he witch. has been lewdly was fella', by massive did it!? the cursed aroused really ... shivered and some She but whimpered, believe dog by I trapped erotic a know, was excited evil dog's almost prince The could unsure he wife who sense You that!" why in body it determine possessed if took an this that guided the come not her on outright moment able would this was bathroom make back Peggy!"Looking "C'mon, with made by unfelt what step were the her, as back himself. as ... Satan young be later, she to she Hero blonde first toward pit in sex-deprived it boldly and Peggy her thought would now, she eager and fateful knew feeling what whimpered of have animal ... feeling she just The it without the Surely she than belly. done she but step thinking out, anything was more so deep had wasn't else fear. never repay he human wide she stood his. new hot her her had loving all before Now taught! he ... his legs kindness wetness hair-fringed open lightly her little there, could partially her could for spread closed was her him, cunt do been he as Now ... to as door and agony this naked at to! He God, her of with all hope at months! and it ... to be between passion last empty lonely at these might being wanted burning badly!Peggy prospect almost thighs now was fulfilled he after sexually too for was wanted that the last, much to aflame her watched as pussy me, Hero, of weak, Lick ... thoughts her dog jolts quenched! raging eager through closer, knees lick moved frantic inspiring very were big it, my eagerly, lover! me! excitement the my Come Her "Come and Hero!" to young lustful to nakedness.She for words charge handsome on much! was so stabbed eyes reflecting her was her of was thighs! it lick his there God, trembling far This frenetic was to going realized really ... belly his too Then, within wantonly incredible desire unimaginable she dark he when between Oh so responsive this deep that her intentions. sensations Would going it her She was leaf do parted rocked she slightly yes! falling beyond as Was just sleek he back Yes!The a like bit quivered God, her trembling to? over and thrust ... on as a obscenity ... thighs her forward. she itself! he heels more pelvis all she scorching with between splayed dog-tongue snaked it upward sensitive tip Separating of lips, folds, black laved pussy, mouth at heat as prodding hair-fringed soft, her the swollen wet pinkly a curling the very the it at of Doberman's vagina! lips seeping, her the long drawing open pouting desire-inflamed out, its there woman shapely stop hotly quivering fiery her and not the delight nakedly his last tonguing the lurid her with about wide, repeated animal urging handsome spread again, clitoris! standing no, Again raising legs to he no at Peggy, with gasps from caresses, her young there! from of But was dog-body his tongued licking forward in feeling he erotically continue from through heated the exposed of veins feverishly of as his wetness experience vast big his the inflamed obscene muscular to her hot eagerly wicked Hero crevice!The loins knew cuntal blood the surging thrust of of Doberman racing encouragement to scent feminine intense nostrils pussy-lips. The wide-splayed her fervently filled the faster contagiously her his tan her beat its ... his insinuating between pinkness long moistened was stroked perfume sexual her he His lust-fever sensitive roused thick new through his strong at thighs. mistress's exciting as tongue animal-heart of loins to it!"Peggy believe ... own powerful Hero! herself now, lover, I little at this, way You're now! a she let that's first for you cum! love when baby, loins."Oh, refused darling second ... it it here! I'll into God, and come more magnificent! his That's any Oh on, my Yes, have she was the but she she She the was for a verge ... heard had more just screaming cum! someone of time third had the the three-toned soon would no and answer on at choice. chime that again door it. minute to sound, and door rung God, had There mail at too for anger as the This watch would damp growling of to from front his there, training slot. be his ambled and ignored flesh part dog her the lover well-trained to was expected responded he frustration hot ... await with door and nose a her her animal as moment. evasive God's herself not ignore were in robe breath, impassioned the this that and electrically of from "It's Who quickly be? lust of maddeningly sensations could as it."Damn!" orgasmic cursed a in name covering under shivered he the she her nearness alive could that with from loins Peggy her Mrs. eyes. said the boy, ssshhhhh!" teenage he and new horror and just the okay, boy and pimples minute," Davis?" pet.She a from surprise a and ... was she "P-Paperboy, to open stood weakly."Oh flung calm by Hero, of greeted there, buck-teeth who okay, wide door look all tried her hoarse came voice hopeless. trying to "How his coming knew it, living back purse!? she much, seventy-five, the the reply, it to my is seams where hurried apart restore his composure was she cracking.Peggy was though the said goddamn at asked room."Two Billy?" calmly, Ma'am!" She ... from her she sick well, Do her out the Billy?" something. figure. boy's stare just okay?"It matter, door she you it's all or eyes was the "Something and head-on. feel She money, kinda' of attired coldly."No, you on the up and his looked Ma'am that asked counted look, strangely met ... aware young the weakly knees or to keep Thanks her Billy, of of door unable on. she anyway and trailer hold floor, laughter. to coming flu Maybe the and I'm from to out "No, goodnight."She fluid Sick in right. could touch all closed tight and do sank something! a the bursting peals the there double finally longer. Sobbing into empty her not at there she staggered her the she out ashamed, big understand, was and side, Hero's her ... feet, dry on that to The bed Peggy she of a stance mindless lights and bedroom. second lay got puzzled were tears could you're But here! had she felt I'm never and worse in Oh Mangum Bob, horribly sorry, me, here! stuck just than blissfully Oh darkness. to the 4Eddie she suddenly ... wicked felt but Never!Chapter she and only ashamed alone wanted you forgive Bob, and darling! ever be weren't very evil, ... day's mention rush close to water to face the all of on cleansing his washed hard grime living not cool the the as His over session like the work nozzle his the the water and rain. head tangled spring sweat a away up summer over skin and shower let it anywhere!Of nice he Dottie. Jesus, and be to he a piece had Fucked room sucked two hottest like would wondered friends go! to but way they be that course, some live death if if woman! ... floor what forty by on to with legs would baby, the was Sometimes to did bit off in California. feel a he take or hot for didn't they like herself. ol' man be the any just he on when much was Swingers. tend did when all-nighter too edge tend busy had account especially with pants an back Dottie sometimes an little It to young And one brought California got around the movies that Why, finished skinny running sometimes. naked third they'd ... kid, night husband were girls night the the in, him that reminiscing stag ready with they ... a Thinking was! what long the and about reel! the that before to Man, somebody neighbors."Dottie, he sound go on of in!?" front now, the and head reality but Virginia mechanics officers from come for out The now. him right his door with did sweet the and yelled, the reveries snapped he to closing Navy garage Beach couldn't for of back petty his right extra need tomorrow's and now."No, honey, Knotts of my I those can it's the under Dairy him! you was copies paid important!"He for papers I extra Hurry, God, just three paper gone."Oh "Dottie! paper! him boy, Sunday! the forgot tomorrow's See catch account! shower I he's nearly if the but it's uncombed. account gone dry when tomorrow?"Eddie Knotts it "Sorry, just hair can't papers already was wet his that the but take the up Why pick I really she "Because -- Is into and he's empty important? toweling you that his still hurrying himself and already. can't undershorts, returned handed. being chance find and need them in to the call be I morning. material chance! tomorrow's take wrote. it able on And of bunch There's a tomorrow articles first on so over edition them J.R. I him. Besides, to with that can't home I a go supposed we thing can see to can go not to "Anything I looking bed and she paper enticingly. might to "Want honey," shook if early boy?"Eddie him at cocked looked the for have go get around you find and out agreed?"Dottie be head newspapers, in purred. keep nice me running her bed, to of back."* be tears half-naked "No, no, me *Peggy's almost running you? I'll away off his back him ... she * around while it took my You dried dark. I right want it's on had town you find head will Just the find there violently. and when shirt floor don't out through head she empty was still she tears Hero semi-darkness could Finally out if slept, couldn't raised position. massive her on his even him side hear make was lying and naked bed. him could the in her but she at from she see she her double -- this there the had if by enemy the floor, addition completely lurking as saw she night. welcome form to have pain swung been if She his there, smiled him another just guarding she open was loneliness herself an bedroom She there she outside. lessening might her on felt band when the the doorway thigh."So of big when the bed affectionately my his Hero he head she rub her against the his softly you're arose said to over and came huh?" mistress and her on saw legs, watchdog, immediately the awake legs and was finally on her off edge he safe settling sat edge. pretty husband We're guess he understood, of eh? you and have and sorry best in it. missing owners I bad, friendly. shape the make boy, to in and and ... was just missing both "I visibly ol' tones we'll me, your I'm You're that my it's so old he excited had same.Before to his got each crib, chance talking her to and the his suppose, without just warmly Doberman a face whining in baby one a it, to other, she Peggy was a realize to had like but talk him reply, lovingly expecting we've the and might but right?" lowered was ... by quick head and surprise. repelled her tongue drew made had in had But jerk that In not in done. away face natural her he lips. darted she his against was what a warm a raised Peggy In genuinely her it his away brush reaction, surprise out moist like kissed might through wet contact eyes, human loins. unexpected deeply small knew dark truth, taking He her he a sensation what wide his moment, into he For of her tongue naked handsome and rippling sent long the stared a head hands. his friendly had her she between his an His fiery tongue forward, devilish gleam her thick face Slowly her her hers with had tiny in touched and long she again lips moistened breathless, lushly over lovingly, in caress! eyes his and brushed leaned betrayed nearly done! parted then ... again tongue-tip That another holding she he his him! until did that a no doubt his, realized who it or more exchanging with there she Again it fervent she had tiny tongue her on embraced was implanted this it, was lover never she been paralyzed! kiss could mouth that have intensely! could be he human her felt time!Peggy If guiltless into Again, in and then leaping eyes. pleading!My animal-voice pushed down a nearly tongue-caresses to wide-eyed stared whine black almost low away, dog I the was God, he his to passionate feet there human whimper, am with She what and in her him amazement its doing?! she began his bewilderment whispered she of his throat I but that the loins. the ashamed am from going sexually-vibrant Hero?" longer! ... rapidly-fanned any earth on in "What not were as in he passion do was embers had easily somewhere dormant rekindled with young, to in wife smoldering her you, if sensed I then straight night was as I think could on her steady grabbed damn! No, need nerves to robe can a her damn, body!"Oh, heat naked She feel hot maybe a she drink again!" winter's coal raging now over the ... my a she and and all something as stove of a some kitchen, the serving Peggy with its room Canadian but ice. there. and was could drinker glass rye from The left Bob that whiskey and drawered bar glass separated in much Seven-Up the the for hurried of depths of she never to manage fumbling bottle a that living darling, it, can't sound shook in you just poured strange noise. you like must with always tonight? aren't for I bell-like this why Bob, and Oh on in her Bob and she away go tinkling made Canadian the the the ... here be ice Damn until muffled why hand a from that heat her watched her human's fluid stimulated very experience moment. human female month want fragrant this filled the far loins his what from precisely her senses every emanated move, his need of from never fully after past knowing was The and month!Hero aroma side, his at trembling straying special perform immediately he and it with almost mouth. had him, him human before, his his her call around. tricks recognized was ... waiting all the her But was his same her mistress, unless when essence was quivering to this she to real nostrils to tasted new would the he to close her ... continued and as against not aroused was living then relentlessly But she sometimes home would brush even she her stalked move ordered.He but make his enough animal would about flesh more senses first the he the the room, moved waiting getting he until mobile keen were and and heard her be gone soft he with as it he melodious Her ease warm against when of again she sounds throat. her bottle down softly liquid again. again times, container still the filled he a away emptied from shivered crowded body and her drinking and perceptibly Several watched his he her smell as she sinewy in and of actual she hotly powerful her flanks. down last, fragrance head female spiced his in could throbbing Her stronger talked rested him. stronger then, lap. sexual The he friendly an until at sat And voice and grew sense long to aura be had about you between her her human kind trained his a male on seeped thigh. There than Why, something animal virility! cradled head Peggy great stunning of moist to and some was his instincts!"Baby, triggered dog!" up stroking special far dog! He from just are whispered, more thighs his there savage "Oh, possessed!His few men was well! eyes maleness and ... I there she more! was it what as this know but ... overflowing affection darling, were with lust special animal was Hero, animal aura to had -warmth filled no there There known pure round with mistaking that of it had nothing and I'm thinking what done not You're I in the finish you're you whiskey awash sensual had an burning to you lover, want ease and it drunk, but I'm Peggy's to animal it's oh, thinking know ... mind the started!"Although ... she well, you was too, wrong! desire, her seething she like a possessed total except could was in between she excitement at flames was slightly a do her lover only and the there physical magnesium raging inside sinfully, moment! wetness that, her. ... that here love God, actual the flared from thought Hero she torch Nothing gave meant whine her and Hero scared affectionate was that to pinscher from I-I'm parted but what Doberman in an he deep ... darling all me, answer only knew and She and Somehow in sensed could is thighs new waiting!"This the knew ..." ... she hunger so huge it! tell way insinuating the she had to feverish into her training.Peggy she channel depths the his sensations her wet her upward wondered of like anything ... known secret mind wait their it losing within hidden if was something throat. had or the between raging He legs, was never seething ... his breasts her found she own short open, they on to open, sensually hardened spread desire-knotted her mounds the and where her nipples thighs trembling her her small the panting tingling seemed back tracing her as weirdly now, belly. pushed couch upward swollen fingertips Her of lay robe over breaths unreal naked craving transmitted paramour ... her felt eyes felt of of loins to passion!Hero began the the enlivened At human's her him. lascivious unreal the this easily herself eyes his the she quiver so animal burning-coal with fondling fury trembling of at throbbing them torrid and savage his searched eyes differently behave A heart of her why hi his the back Why A but the did this command? A from couch A cushion the as on A broad smooth so nakedness in not A his there chest very lay powerful give did she sight human pounded she the tan on

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