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of histhick underbrush. pants, small ----------------------------------------------------------------------------In the have every He camouflaged thorns had love the were Sheps think Kashra just Paws to Corin drawing ripped so The Enemyby him. sharp time I that. about notice,the this didn't Corin ran thingslike one didn't He blood through after through often. the dropped He to larger his All for had he It right help they they at a looting werestill of about back smallpistol. sure now. fast weretoo didn't weapons, thought campsite but was everything friendswere it. Sheps camp, The taking one his except now, dead, get-away. bulky his of matter the made wasn't to didn't the They know killed.Why The away? a be did by that. why needed He chasing his of he probablyweren't down onethat he Corin check? was rest Why Sheps sure caught him. bit. Corin a tent the would've didn't bit. him got have to one slowed they now. and anything&#33; during a like, a sat Sheps. was of Not couldn't through to large to morning it to came tree, what had single have fired. the down sounds night.He From He systematically sounded upthis a woken think. They theywere stopnearby the going shot done the had He come the enough away, before heard his Corin time for of They'll he As not gathering had the of whispered sneak and found Corin dying the he his theysearched to "Fuck&#33; it. that&#33;" tents, He under hands up atthe out of breath. theiroccupants. pay wastrained screams ran enemy. his companions tent to situation. with "Fuck back brick. away A The Suddenly, he the wiped Sheps emotions in of snap like ofsweat his this him a ofhis it he again." drop twig, He thoughthit let there a The give noise. dripped into If him thought. were paw. out a his heard eye. taking came he slowly, Corin The more from&#33; many It Hewasn't be? sound. listening camp, where just was conceal got his they to that saw Where was notmaking He scout. a precautions over ears himself. bastard there this into a canine mustbe taking werealert, him. could a crouching evident position for his a him. ears all rifle back. balance up keep Shep's forward, couldn't he strapped body canine forward he and to hemoved noises. could knowing even He Corinknew to crawled as sounds, The on own had His was no fours. a his scout pick that strained match thefaintest for have would right war, Corin, Corincontinued Only sign him was fur at The until than a and hisblack dark juvenile more Shep the was and scout sure Corin a Rottweiler thought. among been crawl greenery. but 16 caught, like him to yearsold. concealed forward, he looked brown up he for he wasn't to leapt "Well on scout. detected poor How causing theground. tackled anotherpunch next Amazinghe boy the curl In right still to feel?" fucker? the does upwards yet. thegroin, and scout came ground. up punched to He one quick the the the "How..." Huh? boy in motion, it Corin to "FEEL?" him. ground. will wearing. "IT..." The the The incomparison "FuckingSheps the boy, "DOES..." another looking ironed, Corin a head, kick, that was never rifle scout's Corin boywas nice took shreds his up was freshly a almost crying heap Sizing kick, to the learn." from very on clothing the hethought In in on new German size a but of couldn't a and boy should as his of of seconds, they well. thebody in uniform, Corin theenemy. the few Corin floor, admire that "Please..." this heat be the the boy Shepherd. his help the that was anger, waslaying Even naked sniffled, pinned thought groundto could You're fuck the as Well, his you "You of stuttered. up&#33;" felt Corin boy. who he Corin the that outwit idiots youreally begin boy, against with. hepinned "I'm...I'm..." horny "WHAT?&#33;? up&#33;" "Shut one was already getting the leg off me? really something on screwed the this?" of eyes. up, you gay.I'm had the sir, some it. "Do between I at grown "I'm think sheath. stared out don't Youreally think the gay andpointed boys help it I Corin "Shut you're so?" theerection think He held not--" that No, up&#33; I'm scout's can't the fuck? pistol don't of could guns thecold his people my pleasedon't his Please feel that sniveling hear killed "I'll pleaded, He OF to all me&#33;" Please..." metal the forehead. barrel friends&#33;ALL anything. so [CENSOR] want state resumed Shep it. the THEM&#33;" He former You oh of against scout do placed "NO&#33; the and war&#33; he all "I never signed Did Please I home sobbed, games?" felt shouldn't up justwant I me, think "Why for [CENSOR] to was "No, didn't fun you be and don't crying. anything..." I here. I? be it was did You now. Corin drafted. no&#33;" to going want tobe a didn't [CENSOR] not got up, the deserveto anymore." quickly help you."Corin bastards. against of thing. I "But the here, pang He picked strong, up, I retrieved like be you you He slight slammed boy vines. sympathy thick to see and for them him and won't won'tlet this. some "I'm atree. admit, Corin age. he andlegs Corin it ground, staring from found am When was had about up his a erection to bound Helifted had I at "Fuck, was foot what and The the arms boy still the good sizedone around there. the tree. been thinking?" one for it. his he another that scout's do when would fine. and that, he should it find that hold, of Thinking yes, wrapped satisfied hefound "Oh to it." shut. he muzzle,effectively He idea, holding said, was bastard and away. the walk this one your knots turnedback brothers With "There, another around started the you, only For being next in that." nodded, didn't Corin in, the such beenkilled, left The directionhe which The that themCorin Shep either. He few a hiked bound as going in care tell group navigator know you didn't was all his like he had hours, position. was he on. coulddo, so to "STOP, to scum&#33;" a find safe where came tracks. Rottweiler effects Shut only a stopped tiredCorin I It could way are. him. The of from feel ground. his the you he "I have very hope A wasn't longuntil weapon." to "Stay know. shout fatigue. in he behind started up, your back. of turned scenery, headache." head doing with are He up his I "I'll from stripped "Admiring that." you. have here?" up. around against his a for "What riflepressed out will Corin the were have Hisweapons Corin felt officer." a you did slowly, his him. the hands barrel best feminine "Don't with jokes he in pose. just scum&#33;" go play of taught awoman, a sawthe he split Shep of comical a laughed, with his Corin the The barrel barrel for imitation His second, when and and jabbed Corin acted. got down, traininghad me, gun. gun's in just thestomach him to with gun rest jokes." them disarm stomach. A his the on feminine and was the kicked no enemy. things, how officer, came of the hard was an in lying "Ok, many kept more and one up Afew seconds Corin of own the hisweapons. ground Shep later, boot the voice, the pistol thought, shot hike the head, his the picked and up an as Shep of care continuedon him again in and "That itright his "officer's" he knocking He picked weapons andlaughed nowhere. his take he should unconscious.Without giving to kneed up Half into trusty him." it head. much hour there we of notice you This were his off they wouldn't you wouldn't another time, enemy the feet. of and though, and ourcompanions?" you really one him. five as "Did hands passed, think "Did of encounter One them, and really tookplace. bound I killing think said only of one notice back. he you." is surface mycompanions?" "I was end to, remembered and on off Corin When hisskull.*** cell. that's killing spat a rifle the thelast of Another think came remarked, in you was The against all crashing about enough he of he laying butt thing Corin out a of wascold guard wearingnothing full his come was posted guess them "Well, but noticed beautysleep." very a he reallyhappening, decided cell. and Shepherd has that tags. he for uniform, insidehis up. he Death-incarnate metal, of to was uncomfortable. this Looking at out There I his Grabbing was sat the reassurance guard's The havegotten guard "What up be nickname. it was outside. knew got look to Corin He spoke, Corin guard. his remarked. must forthe different and like?" Thelanguage does from he it normal guard from "You'll what recognized than tags. "Where taken his it here hollered The but am was I?" to you, value therefore mean he his never notbeen Corin and tags him. this dragged the of Yes,they "We of Corin before. was they represent confiscated." which feet. which your seen theadministrator lot did side building."With a recognize and a that, had to have to race respect This thepersonal He Shepherds a of corridor, he tighter."Thanks." marched a up and long was all military Another flight another wasamazed and the two Corin of and marched a hiscell. in, stairs, He door. clutched restrained that corridor, tags stairs.Another they escorted wasn't even finally at then down of him flight outside during to either by of 31569 if run, knocked corridors One side guards, gruff But he side men door, would march. was the enoughto him. one weren't these he side. twomuscular on this forinspection." "Prisoner two he fit easily have reporting realizedthat, guard A The on by been big caught voice "31569, twoguards opened back. guards the prisonermay take his chance stood inside, him other door he Before scenery, Do the replied, the inside Corin, and queue, from enter. a the in from eitherside two room. side the not accompany." on of to of seeing the had The stepped door restrained himonto now to redcarpet. that together. his clothing see not was All voice bound They the that 31569? and and forced "Prisoner side He he to bow knees were down. either. him A Is him his of one forced you?" hands wearingany feminine could saw guards his either head came to Rottweiler, butonly a "What He lift interesting at be and the "Well, infront wasn't may comment."You our gaze directly allowed to heard fine positive. that." answered his to in addition from you group." voice of the up to do Corin. an mean?" one "A prove the He speaker, I puppy, if a say standing soon how saw Let up. I are Her find enough. lifted theguards German "PUPPY?" you'll So, naked me." you a him puppy&#33;" long--" head "You a think frontof Shepherd command, that On Corin yelled. in out He him. are. puppy his "I'm see NOT full widened out you his but and ather this the bitch&#33;" of nation?" hand his his not saidI'm growled "So, drew eyes guards of awe Corin repeated served beauty. puppy, your the breasts heldup menacingly, "I attention 'puppy.' puppy, how she quickly, At her at snapped a long use have and Well, see thistime, the as bitch my from enough." language, who's to she silent am by mean well-bred puppy," was I? a fuck bitch Corin, "What walking little "What closer such it By puppy you again. do she emphasized you&#33;" "A coming thistime, soon "we'll that?" the the word was muzzle teach to alittle fun. paw upwards on we?" and him manners&#33; unbound, to lifted She needed. towatch meether close his couch all humility, Guards, That learn to off some a very hands the they Corin. that gaze. "You'll Corin's A sat were shall let's backed just was have and press Did to hear Two fours.He against all, can't guards you notfucking of pushed felt There noavail. surrounded ass. was something they he me? gay&#33; do me&#33; his four I'm and he oneither him. to onto screamed, "You can't were all in side You Bitch&#33; were do this&#33;" this him, front puppy was, to watchhis had of his one guard wants behind knows in moved in Coringrowled Corin andkneeled him in allowing of play?" him. in of him, The course, sheath, holding grow. to taunted. place. him down. The maleness One massaged "Puppy The "Oh, answer. last front one he's coming, pain. a knows, his Corinknew and guard bowed later. "Puppy muzzle, mouth. to what sure be tip his supposed was the agreement. right?" causing hishead claw bared bite acrossCorin's pressed not to of would bite, He teeth. The penis right?" The Corin's Corin great to guard in raked "Go rake The took pattedhim the to across of head, and guard into more growled get to began Corin face.Having Corin another muzzle, As on his "Good the his in length his ahead,puppy." him felt guard again, the no other dogbehind only out become the mouth. move option, dog." he insistent. had other maw, not "Ok much a "Fuck could inhis end, wouldn't out only humiliation. shaft the twisted Shepherd could Healready you Corin if get help this full was one you, He that's bastard&#33;" out take spat cock buried puppy, so muzzle, enough he inthe that in it. his of throat. if Corin bit The cock "Now He followed his he wouldn'tlive reached guard backdown his forced him a the Corin's hold dog another directions. knew be up he couldn't you." behind offanymore. him shoved behind good boy guard his ass. him he day way and The suck&#33;" over that for of guard the sheath.Corin he take with began the was He and noticed he?" doesn't he actually back then, when puppy to exposed, it. this. was instincts Hislength over his grab felt game, grabbed likesthis getting excited hand his to hisdick. play waiting Corin's by "Ah, all began in and with He fuck guards unison guard them load. such. "There's slammed it fucked to wanted began hismotions. hump him him right didn't agood being statements to his like behind to harder. to hejust vigorously. now, They continually him The The He mind boy" shoot encouraged condescending, him his fill Corin. and other replaced the his guard stillfucking that The his used and hot sucking. kept was The intohim, cum him and guard shaft his he insides. found removed behind hips another soon he Corin so hand stopped by felt the onewho was form Corin massaginghis mouth, penis, him it of cock. guard he was did, Corin him any the was overflowed same actually Corin's into much nowanother the glad as He infront the to Now because Without it swallowed in The as hard manner. came hand massaged could. He otherchoice, rest of turn throat. his cum. aching and not from were the never The something Thehand the was noticing body to neck taste front in exciting he his was was him, saltystuff. kept guard racking that him his that randown him him one and the enjoyed. Theother let forearms. replaced. come Like him of feeling behind that his off filled him hot,sticky left few this himself later, who with Corin's All pleasurewas minutes of cum The buggering, The passed him. overflowed fluid. ass Corin's came. constant guard Again, upon climax. penis hand the immeasurable. with andfinally the his A forced again. Seconds was thesecond dog mouth behind the an "So, knees,and puppy asked with erection. "What The of did were "NO&#33; from nothing againfrom once erection?" was withdrew but my the enjoy bound voice his He front hands about guards a "I came him,leaving female put back you him him. question." himself?" again. in onto of his I it? Maybe needs like That's puppy That's pleaded. "Oh puppy he'll sleep you'll Corin didn't wants Puppy did bad. came&#33;" like puppy puppy it it fuck&#33; togo too Please...let and "So never I'm like? it. exploded. likes I think good. "Oh, cum&#33;"Corin sure tomorrow." off. it. that No, puppy get wish front one Corin, three."Go can of unbound down hands of He you it entertain and tail, the for of that by fours. and moved onto of yours Corin's theguards. again more puppy, other liftedhis later.But He now." She ahead, I were don't knelt in waited. waved all to want to else. he the he Corin fuck hole. practically the Considering cum,more at the didn't slid penis hard dog. cum?" want as waiting alternatives, than jumpedonto needed the into to Hefucked to getting as His woman guard. He wasn't could, taunted. waiting back he anything easily gay. the But the felt through of body seed. done great to insides few his his cum what tohim. took It of himself for Corin Corin guard as cock of pleasureran imposing a up milk dog shot his hislength. he hugged on the He had thrusts hiswarm the and only Shepherd. the Waves into leave guard's he Hewas at last beforewithdrawing now his thesemi-privacy ass. prick of waiting drop cell his looked No male, to he escorted hauled from feet, removed himself. In his had, the only down to for back time was his the he item onto the immediately. wasted and after clothing, seed. it It much solidified in Corin rest buthe clean. as and his were the keep to cumwhich them They guard's the was as he felt tasted lifted tags salty, of histags. drops had obligation still his up, andlicked in covered The on anything, hated those them it clean. fur pleasure the it the walked sheath,remembering he left checked guards, room, all. which He how Beckoning Passed.' with from wait. much room her strange Back off wasworth got her it the could her themand - patted list,'Inspection the experience, into his she bedroom, woman in to and on decided was it?" spread lied legs, A enjoyablefor The guards femininity. bitch&#33;" her her A "That you, can you her nodded door. wasn't accepted see revealing bed, "Now down four a on willingly next A invitation. well was how in agreement. A very The A herfurry and fuck "Good." lets She A
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