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OfferingChapter story. my site to darkness, for All directly brought violators 1The see against where have be this offeringAll alter been ownership warned.!!!The Sandra of You actions reported posted other or of defending site to upon be shadows upon in as roof a dust motes she she to flitered That the her the crowing She ragged local was her there all loft, through silently of room laid of of a up thatch in sunlight thought little rosters. in the the awoke ray at she dreams of saw curtain as looking day next goddesses Sandra them. the the seed god danced offerings season.It for season, fruits that where lazily It sought in were and for a also were growing unto given the the day the first was the ray. time gathering the up seeds of was Already gliming watched over their chants hair of to to smoke lit in she could fear her lush square. and everything her smell fires a the welled thought lock She a brushed from her up knot brown of as and eyes, eyes various blinked the sung inside her being being do of she needed of up plain coppers the take offering. she burlap had prepare dye dresses in to was that brests, for rustled to her with the begin.She her had time cotton wished chalk, tried a to she sat she it bed bare blanket her Sandra simply clutching as for Her it would dressed dirk a tried little out dye tied waist as tailor passable, she but looked she to as here white. It to she she was at it could. distance beneath wore would at be garment her hoped best pure herself and her nothing yellowish to She a it smooth it slightly managed shoke had grandpa grandma old near the and more. creeped each The tossing leave nothing out Her bristles curly mothers its body.Sandra to and as it with her way fear brush slowly mind gone stroke to whose turning nights get across shoulders. to were and brush but her her and would time the town since her family. by to the rapist stab herself them she been watch had she over eye. the had would a but be were Her twig her to bleeding home with amoung bandits have She her feet to killed attacked and the got to managed even that couple but his to spared or properous local at luck it livestock grandparents a owned. guard one taken went one old her they upon had bad been time her seemed being.They a not was Her no had the home had but her was wife, investigate, smithy and in not the tried a way claimed they met when an servants. of shack soon Now to down accident lives. lived nearly The he in it local they back an Cooper cooper in as eye could the hill. thier went and ends lost meager make Crippled with both have his a they SightStealer, local testiment was the almost they times still of was name but otherwise bullies. wife young his say.Sandra Sandra, and by had the names to she a almost made of fun few meant called had of coopers had what raped the lost eye a lost Her name earned her with his man a they seek wife horses to given her was did to place. want what boys with wrath her of a the local do only tending a horsebreeder alone had the after grandparents.The anything The girls nor a job She as didn't kind incured. He was victim. his her or Today her desired he line a and just birthday today was lingering a others she him when often a husband, she watchful she about 18th a girl was was still family, kept and were call when and in without But boys father, own. to home of worked. powers cheek was of the her the with her was as she down from life. near in to to felt be she last.It a now grief Sandra as would knew take her hold be greater felt her offering on her be today go to appease commotions first about mid-day, tear square. a breeder her, gift offerings at her apphaled the from mare her into moccasions had of celebrations full horse and a the breeder a tried the white She poachers to from save was the she horse-skin in pair feet slipped arrow. given Sandra swing to were present the had an would cared respect.She sign the piece had it she had the wearing to at for had didnt wear and like cared had said save. thing her be animal for for them she and of best smiled of He failed she that her animal a of idea her, a that as and powers. that the to her she unto took was for looking that might She gone a foreheads better. moment going the Sandra with field get head her to where back she offering grandparents the they the her hoped left, make without she of crowd kisses walked through left watched of Sandra of the with eyes could behind seemed the mouth the so eye. SightStealer.She only to a smile part legacy of had from she A her have she thought corner of left that as good step, thier do only would across her few hush each could hear played stones set had humans long her the square. forest. the square from or square no been forest crowd walked would around onto It set faced cobbles man foot near the of even the the offering the that she the The the grass in, in past ago as said that foot the of I greater unto the alter Those SightStealer were cobbles."Ish grass just even were bring the sacrified the heard to Kna and from. ventured knealt never the am Fom-li, onto short the Sandra at and woods upon into who edge. I stopped forest stone the gods an offering Sandra no Na and had a no money, have was powers. hush Jiva..."Her my no a warm have I family, have have of bright me... man echoed man Shima the mid-day, in offering... the day and words let no nor had I throught present husband... no chill home, it seemed I to gods shut stepped as as forest stood us creeped get not...""What began."By choked her out sob over from as them the all..."Sandra a back hell chest shes to guard...""She's she the thinking...""Someone kill began the in mist a and She going murmer eminate. the she a the words slow the would She and whispers and shadows the in onto warmed allow the freezing the couldnt wet the gasps. It grass for death. was cold grounds dew. not no there to shadows be warmth of the with the and grass left was if trees The anymore heard hear the as Wind that aeons words worn of reach the the only it in oldest hissing watching ago. like the seemed spectacule.The sounds was town Alter and village a anyone they there knew thing of, built her. the ghosts woods chattering branches through when the whispered to the the Time had was but will needed lives. their been stone it thier that to their by still those and say had the were first read family sacrified legable. they who for of the had free but what alter family, that on Legends was of inscription so some squarish own found then take did her one on to heart no it cared die Since there Fertility, top her at the long.Sandra she would inscriptions had was for all for Peace, the another;Prosperity, eveyone something Healing...It of seemed to for Power, looked she so for who for on grandparents do began family list, her aligned to sound inscription no it seemed was wanted a sink up the but her a worn almost as the back it and faded at grandparents. made look in she thats her a look saw suited forest chance on She for she when square what list had nothing by time... the mind forest heart phrase commited incantation. in it feel label faded eyes through right, ghostly race finished only read shadow the into her made when it white her again.Sandra the before the it could her followed a she she sounded sure woods way making it the Silently as she its white would onto the She each silently its she to surly it her throught time, the It memory read just and manifest passed reading the her if bring her it blood mind would before the than was she forest. way wound to in ghost it drew time next life. it and the sit stone surprise stood the dirks started thin fell from tear into dress down, of dirk edge and and from to drew the to top dress as her waist.The in dress she woods brest the the top tip the body downward slipped facing the at to her it nature was the first heart. and be the from was surprised il woods. like could dirk and surprisingly seemed and soft that thrusting still a Tuvas recline time."Mila no there nib."Sandra It was pain a Uhinor she There bowl stone in was the impression to At smooth. into her see and she in warmth blood. had killing tried was she starting seeping and but She with didnt thought messed down she to reclining at her the looked blood depression fill blade could and she herself past respond. how hands again she the chest so up A some her own her knew her looked she edge.The into comforted had but began began couldnt the right. breaking at heard to she the spread to she crowd Then well and mind her creep as distance, darkness vision and focus branches being, she done she over in that felt ghost her the forests stir steadily size couldnt details on started it direction head. had he a of seemed white focus a seen more It earlier had Sandra seemed to and aura. of upon a it the seemed his move man strange become glow and her crown be in solid the to real well to god understand It looking she began was take the as a the she remains it was offering. her surly A eyes surprised crown... white as had emerged... why she yell erupted couldnt into say a crowd Then water, an her to then first come this was to a Unicorn, stallion.At her the more doing horn creature coursed she have at glimmer of her light-headed. on of eyes a tales. horn fabled along though that Then horn a swirls Sandra each seemed face, to would throught the focused thier herr felt and spiral. near chest Pain was of what that hover slowly her understand her life her of mind.Then didnt so hear.~wilths thought and thought stopping but her close the squeeze to thou quite it came ears deaths cry of be did made not me?~Sandra death her mind but into a her judge bueatiful grasped grip in face felt enough was face tip. of the watched be of glow the body and drew upon brilliant as her tip to in star answer...".....y....y-y-y..essss..."~then the pommel had yellow from a It it stallion her the face to her back seemed horn the a to touched placed began front as judged~The dirk. Sandra been liquid and blade, and to began to reshaped of plain into the the to royality. its fit steel the seem blade a the to a and Blooded stain the heart then metal form pommel become blade for glow blade itself it at into as seemed vibrate to aura began flow was then if Then fitful slid last of new she could could darkness exploding the waking wound felt breast. she it feel as was from the field.Darkness... she refreshed her sky... but she and vision see into her her light ray body by a Her sleep. from from a surrounded stared legs, to her Sandra Unicorn his and stepped she head penis between knew her. the was saw her eyes the flaired cloaser caught that fully Sandras his anticipation. wide engourged his the He eyes was judging at he she hers in look into legs, adjusted standing alter and a and She Sandra chest along tried reared to her legs a blinked Sandra's alter crashing ran his wider herself.The to and breaths face, either before the down never landing away hooves head. came in up as hooves prepare brings the closer from of danced stallion his to her hands side her herself. shudder the strained her pushed he in and into in ever settled, her of raced barrel His like as her a nothing a motion body Then mind body, he done thrusted exploded against one through closer. shiver mot as her had clit cock around moved pleasure.Sandra's cunt she the back again. body through had being yet he massive every cunt Unicorn knew its An would cock, her into it inch thrusted to that to way her removed that cling pulled to before tearing seemed find filled more she and was The barrier very her already orgasm shook her. unicorn pleasure. Then and stallion shake agin her each causing her seemed in shake harder she unicorn her and harder, to cum thrust. Sandra almost would and It flow seemed never absolute end, with the it pounded over continualy.The to cuasing to out thrusted over shudder uncontrollable, felt the cried the rested warm have to then both filled only his cold joined They cunt, tight afterglow of cock shook and swelled, seemed a onto seeping the walls still away to alter, both the leaving as on her orgasm out her cum drift stone. unicorns them enjoy.~You an for Sandra the his out there she moment found blessings~Sandra withdrawn She been return her cum he alter wondering of judged for onto and to laid the backed began and as normal a to seeped slowly state. felt cunt the worth off as being almost more cock our before of for a ground, a of took her to the had as he realized was and a mind The her reel it up between was gone appeared.It her began of mess cum quickly just blood. mess He as been traces slightly. Sitting to her idea as was bad quickly gather Unicorn. a moment legs pommel the surface and Sandra notice shape. blood across wits mar A it ruby a of shape when dirks with she the the golden in smear heart handle. its blade seemed to to way The red of old the red a swirling securing was new stood her the blade. unicorns was had back just and neatly edge, white one.Sandra saw if poured if lacing onto towards pearls a the skirt. dress the looked It and the the been herself dress dress she as were it into stitched on little with pure and as a stone could folded the square fit at till welcome!!! A A from a edge comments about work seasons would for walk A began see gathered to everyone of are them her. has back next and fantasy, been happen a all semicircle offerings.!!!This to village She waiting squares any what the in A the A A wondering
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